Local Corona Virus Update


Taken from health.mil

Addison Luetke , Reporter

As many have found, this pandemic has brought hard times for everyone and we are all hoping that it will come to an end soon. 


Although, locally we have not had a huge amount of Coronavirus cases, the number is still growing as we are trying to flatten the curve by staying home and letting healthcare workers do their jobs. With 29 positive cases tested out of about 275 as of April 14th at Valley View Hospital, and about 6 more pending results, the numbers are continuing to grow daily as more patients are being tested. Only 15 patients have been admitted to the hospital and so far only one death. The staff at Valley View are working very hard to keep everything clean and safe in an attempt to “flatten the curve.”


12 out of the 15 admitted patients are said to have been treated and discharged, leaving three patients left at Valley View with COVID-19.   


At Grand River Hospital in Rifle, they have tested about 265 specimens with 13 positive results and their first patient admitted to the hospital on Monday, April 13th. With limited testing resources, the hospitals are collecting specimens from as many patients as possible, while other healthcare providers are also testing samples. 


Both hospitals claim that the volumes of patients being admitted due to the pandemic have been quite manageable and they have been able to follow social distancing guidelines due to the manageable amount of patients needing treatment.  


As of April 13th, there were 59 positive cases of COVID-19 in Garfield County, 11 more than recorded on April 8th. So far there are two deaths in the county that were the result of the illness, but all data is subject to change daily with more test results and investigation. 


The best way to stop the spread of coronavirus is to stay home as much as possible so that we are not exchanging germs. Stay safe and healthy!