Staying Positive in the Midsts of Despair

The Quarantine Journals


Grace Malone , Reporter

Frequently, humans must be reminded of the importance of socialization. Socialization privileges regularly go unnoticed or misunderstood by humans until those privileges are taken away. 

Through this devastating dent in the historical foundation of world-wide circumstance, the dangerous virus COVID-19 has torn away socialization for the human race. It is not illegal to meet up and talk with people during this heart-breaking event, but by doing so, humans are endangering not just their health, but everyone around them as well. 


By avoiding socialization, and submerging themselves into isolation, humans are slowly wading into the treacherous waters of mental health. One thing that affects human mental health and behavior is the benefit of socialization. Not only is it comforting and overall beneficial, but socialization can cheer broken spirits and heal a human’s health. 


The real question is: how are people staying positive in this dark time if they cannot talk to their family and friends? 



  • Virtually Connected


Facetime, Zoom, Google Duo, Snapchat, Messages, Google Hangouts: these are all available options to communicate with the ones that you love. Although virtual communication is not the best, considering you cannot be there to give them a hug, it is nevertheless enjoyable to hear the voices of the people you love. Something that I have learned is: spending time with the people you love can be through any platform, anywhere, wherever the heart is. So if you chose to sit down and have a two-hour-long chat with your Grandma, at least be appreciative that you can hear them, and hold them in your heart. 



  • Take Up A Project


Taking up a project is one of the best ways to distract yourself from thinking negatively. Sometimes, the only way that we can genuinely stay positive is by remaining out of our minds and thinking about how we feel inside. Believe it or not, there are so many things to do around your house, take up a new hobby! Do something away from technology and create using the many materials around you! Gardening, learning how to play a new instrument, riding a bike, learning how to meditate, trying yoga, doing a youtube challenge, vlogging and photography are all great opinions to distract yourself from thinking negatively. Try writing a small story or a book! Reading is another excellent way to escape the world you are in now, and go to a different one, without having to think about anything troubling. If you’re considering that Netflix series you’ve been wanting to binge, go for it! 



  • Getting Outside


One of the best ways to relax, apart from the same walls you stare at every day, is getting outside! It can be as simple as eating breakfast outside every morning, opening a window, or going on a walk. I believe that it is essential to move around in this hard time, go on a hike, build a fire in your backyard, make s’ mores, sleep under the stars for a night! 

Getaway from everything you’re seeing already. Spend time with your family, go camping in the backyard! Just go outside, and try to breathe, clear your head. Play some games out, take a nap in the sun! 



  • Set Goals 


In my opinion, it is challenging to be productive when you’re stuck in the same place. Even online school can feel like a challenge, but because of the circumstances, there is no other option. The best thing we can do right now is to stay calm, try to educate ourselves, and maintain a healthy lifestyle is by adjusting.  By setting goals for yourself, you are affirming that robust process of achievement. Set goals that are right for you and that you know you can achieve if you put effort into it. Setting goals for yourself is different for every person. Some might be more challenged than others, but by setting goals, humans are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and adjusting to this new way of life. 



  • Check out The Brimstone!


Hey! Check out the Brimstone! Read your school newspaper that students are continuing to work hard on! You might just find the information that you were looking for in the first place! The Brimstone is full of news regarding entertainment, current happenings, sports, reviews, ideas, and more! It is definitely the place to look when you’re bored and want something to do. 



  • Get On A Healthy Schedule, Or Don’t! 


The human race must learn to adapt to this new way of life for now, even if it is sad and troubling. We must learn to continue to make an effort in this life, helping someone, helping ourselves and the community. Social distancing is a significant factor in helping stop the spread of the virus. As community members, we should continue to strictly enforce these measures to defeat the virus.

Getting on a schedule that may help improve your rest and mental stability could overall affect you and help you conform to this new way of life. Creating a plan for your day can help with productivity and happiness overall. 



  • Journal


Journaling is one of the best ways to dispose of deep emotions or help lift spirits. By writing out how you feel, you are releasing energy that you have stored up inside of you. Journaling is scientifically proven to be one of the most healthy habits that a person can develop. I personally believe that everyone should keep a journal to get their emotions out properly and spend some time learning about the person they are. 

By journaling, you are not just releasing bottled up feelings, but you are creating a piece of evidence towards who you are, how you are affected, and why you feel this way in this moment of history. You might just surprise yourself with how much you can do.



  • Challenge Yourself


A proper challenge can help lift someone’s spirits in need of energy. Challenging yourself can range from “I’m gonna get out of bed today” to “I’m going to complete every school assignment this week.” A challenge not only distracts you from the chaotic world but helps you grow as a person. It is challenging enough to stay positive during this time, bypassing this virus is a trial alone. 



  • Escape This World


Get out of your head right now. Sometimes, leaving our thoughts behind and moving on is the best thing we can do to stay positive and mentally stable by shunning negativity. When you depart this world, you can go anywhere you want! Maybe, it’s to that exciting book that you picked up a few months ago and didn’t get the chance to finish. Possibly, it’s that remarkable TV show that makes you laugh no matter the circumstance, or maybe it’s your own world that you create by yourself. If you are creative and want to escape your head, do something that you are passionate about. Creating a book is one way to leave this world and enter a world of your control by which you can let your creativity roam and think about other things. An escape can be anything for anyone, painting, exercise, riding a bike, meditating, yoga (etc.). We all need a break from these dark times. 



  • Exercise


Exercise is an exceedingly healthy outlet to release stress, challenge yourself, and maintain a healthy and clean body. During this time, activity is not the most crucial thing in the world, but health is. Exercising once daily, whether it be a walk or a full workout, can help divert you from the negativity and help you feel better about yourself. If you do not have a gym or place to work out, take it outside! Do some running or at-home workouts! There are many apps in the app store that are now allowing free exercises because of this pandemic. By getting yourself moving, you can relieve stress and begin to feel better about yourself. 



  • Sleep


Sleep is essential during this time. Getting as much sleep as possible can reduce stress and support the immune system to continue to operate correctly. It is imperative that, along with washing our hands and getting exercise, we sleep to help keep the immune system clear and working. 


  • Get Inspired


Getting inspired is easy because of the social media and virtual world that is growing in today’s economy. Whether it be you want to learn a new makeup technique or take fun photos, getting inspired is more than just starting up a new project. I believe that getting motivated to change, challenge, and build your character starts in your heart like a spark that burns away your creative barrier. Getting inspired can create a new sensation, and for some, and excitement! Film a short film! Start a youtube challenge! Do something that stimulates you to question and build yourself up. 



  • Preparing For The Worst But Hoping For The Best


It isn’t like we can just throw on a smile and pretend like everything is going to be alright. No, that is not how humans operate. We must understand the gravity of this pandemic and how dangerously effective it is. People across the globe are suffering during this time. This is a massive dent in human history. But we must continue to be healthy, help people as often as we can, and stay positive. I know that it is complicated to remain positive during this time, but it is worth a shot to try. Prepare for the worst, get close, pray, stock up on essential needs, and although it may be scary, do this in preparation. Now, I am not repeating this off of every label right now, but this is purely and sincerely coming from my heart. HAVE HOPE. Fight the fear that surges through you every day. Have hope that everything will be ok. I promise that if you have faith in your heart, the negativity you feel will lift off of your shoulders. 


Why stay positive?

Your vibe coming from your soul and heart can affect everything around you. People around you, things around you, events around you will transform your vibe. By drifting into the negativity, we are letting the fear of this virus conquer us. Fear is victorious if we let it consume us like an invisible smoke that fills us with despair and hate. But the most important thing that I learned over this period is that fear is a liar. 

If you choose to change the way you think and try your best to stay positive, I promise that you will feel a huge weight lift from your shoulders. Opportunities are swirling around you as you know it. I decided to write this because I want to help others from the comfort of my couch. Yes, it is possible. If this inspired you, I encourage you to try and do the same. Nothing lasts forever, so let’s make the best out of this event.