The Behind the Scenes Making of GSHS’s Footloose


Grace Malone, Reporter

Glenwood Springs High School theatre group is known for their dazzling productions, across the valley. This year’s, Footloose the Musical, will be showcased at the end of February and the beginning of March. Students that are participating in bringing the show to life are continuously dedicating time to the creation of the play. 

The rehearsals, time-wise, take up most of every cast members day and leave students exhausted by the end of every week. Because the play takes up a large amount of time, cast members are left with little time to study, sleep or participate in other extra-curricular events. It becomes difficult at a point, but by the end of the show, the cast is excited to show the valley their fine production. 


During rehearsal, students practice through singing, dancing, and blocking out scenes that can take a larger amount of time than intended to. With the help of choir teacher, Mrs. Gruber, student choreographers, Megan Quinn and Skylar Mclaren, along with professional choreographer Emily Ipsen, the musical rises to power. Gruber spends most of her time conducting the voices of the play, while choreographers construct exciting dances that enlighten the presentation. 

Grace Burner, stage manager, is a supportive, talented leader who helps shape the play into an incredible production. Spending more time in the theatre than anywhere else, Grace shares her incredible experience about her backstage role. She feels that the biggest challenge of being stage manager for the play is that the actors get more appreciation than the tech and crew. The other large challenge for Grace is the time that she spends in the theatre.

“I am also the president so pretty much all my free time is spent in the theatre hallway,” being president of the thespian troupe and stage manager, Grace claims she “practically lives” in the theatre hallway.  Like the staff, Grace feels that the play is in great shape this year. 

“We actually got an extra week this year. Everyone seems to think that we’re in really bad shape around this week because this is the week that we put all the pieces together.” 

Grace is a huge part of the cast and crew of Footloose, many people look up to her. She is one of the many people who helped turn the drama department into a family. Like the rest of the cast, she is very honored to be presenting Footloose the musical with her fellow peers. 

“This is the kindest and most incredible cast I’ve ever worked with. If I think about it, it’s very difficult for me to think of someone in the cast who isn’t nice.” 

Through the many hours that were sacrificed to what felt like endless rehearsals, the cast grew as a family. 

“Everyone is just so willing to do what needs to be done.” 

Grace is so excited to put this show together for her last time, but she is also very sad to leave the drama department. She states that every theatre kid gets a bit sad after the shows are over because of how much fun, how much commitment that they put into creating something beautiful. 

“This is my senior show and for four years this program has been my life and one of my saving graces, so when this show is over, this family that I’ve built for four years, it’s going to feel really sad.” 

Grace also claims that she loves stage managing, but she would love to direct a theatre company and teach english. It’s her dream to keep doing what she loves. She states that the past four years in theatre are an experience that she will never forget. 

“I will never forget the family that I have here.” 

Paige Flentge is a tech member for the Footloose musical working in the sound department. She loves what she does and always has fun through the challenges and big moments of being a tech member. She declares that she loves being a part of tech because it’s intriguing, fun and challenging. Each show has a different side to it. 

“They are all challenging in their own way, but it’s more fun than challenging.” 

Paige loves being a part of something that is simply fun, inclusive and entertaining without actually having to be on stage; singing, dancing or acting. Though theatre kids are like a family, Paige refers to the tech crew as dysfunctional. 

“I think we are too close to be functional as a family, I’d say that we are more like a bunch of children who have been forced together.” 

She affirms that the tech crew are all friends but because it’s such a small crew, things can be difficult. When asked about sleep, Paige says that everyone involved has lost much rest. 

Tech week for theatre and tech kids is the hardest week of the entire show. 

When the show is over, theatre kids are not the only ones who are agreeably sad. 

“I get kinda disappointed when it’s over but excited for the next one.” 

Paige agrees that she will continue doing tech for the GSHS shows. 

As a member of the ensemble for the Footloose production, I can gratefully say that I am very thankful to be a part of such an exhilarating experience! 

Although rehearsal took up most of everyone’s free-time, the cast as a whole are so happy and excited to be presenting this production. I am so thankful to have been a part of this wonderful cast. Being my first real musical, I was able to undergo new and gripping stages such as dance, singing, costuming and more! 

I was able to meet so many new people and learn about some opinions in our school. I made so many friends through the theatre department and hone skills that I was working on. I was also able to discover that theatre is a passion that I will continue to pursue.

The drama department has become a family by which in unison we can do the things we love to do. Thank you to everyone in the cast and crew!