Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Synopsis/Review


Daniella Way, reporter

With the return of this macabre Netflix original, many changes await Greendale and the Coven.

The season starts with the destruction of the Church of Night. Father Blackwood is in the wind, leaving the academy in shambles. Lucifer is trapped within Sabrina’s boyfriend, Nicholas Scratch, and she is hellbent on separating the two. In the absence of Father Blackwood, Zelda Spellman accepts the role of Directrix of the academy and High Priestess of the former Church of Night.

As Sabrina ventures into Hell to rescue Nick, Lilith, who is now the queen of Hell, throws many obstacles her way, but she is greeted by an even bigger blow. In order to save Nick, Sabrina needs to assume her rightful role as queen. This causes a tailspin of chaos to ensue, including the introduction of Prince Kaliban, the hunt for the Unholy Regalia, and the inevitable return of Lucifer. 

Along with the duties of being the queen of Hell, Sabrina must defeat the Pagans, an ancient group of magical beings set on resurrecting their deity, the Green Man. But perhaps the trouble in Hell and on Earth are not the worst complications. 

After his internal battle with Lucifer, Nick blames Sabrina for his pain and leaves her. Aunt Hilda and Dr.Cerberus take it a step further with an engagement, Ros and Harvey are in full swing, Theo has a newfound interest in the mysterious Robin Goodfellow, and Ambrose and Prudence continue to explore their complex relationship. Not to mention a fling awaiting Zelda in the fourth season.

The relationship dynamics create interesting drama and entertainment for the audience, but most of it is quite predictable. This is an area that the show is severely lacking. There were multiple teases of future relationships and disappointments including the separation of Nick and Sabrina.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina puts a clever spin on many aspects of the Christain faith that are so well thought out that it may bring up questions about your upbringing. It also brings female empowerment to the table in the form of the reformation against misogyny in the Church of Night and further additions of strong female characters. 

The research behind the entire show is incredible but season three brought it a step further in the theological realm and accurately followed famous occult teachings. The beliefs of the Pagans are spot on when compared to certain Celtic lore. 

If you’re into mysticism and the supernatural, and even if you’re not, this show, witch is truly chilling, will be a Saturday well spent.