Super Bowl Halftime Show: Bring the Left Shark Back!


James Howell, Reporter

Half of the time, I needed to cover my eyes!

With another Super Bowl in the books, there’s another halftime show right beside it. However Super Bowl LIV’s Halftime Show deserves to be forgotten.

On Sunday, February 2nd, the 54th Super Bowl in Miami between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs took place. This year’s halftime show featured Shakira and Jennifer Lopez. Shakira’s performance was amazing, but her vocals weren’t enough to redeem this rather boring, redundant, and lewd performance.

The first half of the performance was Shakira’s moment to shine, which didn’t disappoint. Shakira proved that she doesn’t need outrageous props or costumes to give a stellar performance. Speaking of costumes, Shakira’s outfit was an allusion to one of the outfit’s her character wore in Disney Pixar’s Zootopia.

Shakira also took the opportunity of her performance to incorporate both her Latin and Lebanese heritage, as well as paying homage to Africa while performing her hit song, Waka Waka (This Time for Africa).

At one point during her performance, Shakira looked at the camera and flicked her tongue in a high pitch, which many found random and hilarious. Her “tongue wag,” as labeled by many internet users, is actually called Zaghrouta, which is a way of expressing happiness in Arab culture.

After Shakira’s amazing and culturally meaningful performance, Jennifer Lopez took the stage, and in all honesty, I wish she hadn’t.

Jennifer Lopez started her performance in a much bigger and more vulgar way: on a stripper pole. It wasn’t just her entrance that left parents completely appalled, however. J-Lo’s entire performance was choreographed to promote her 2019 film, Hustlers, which focuses on the lives of strippers in New York City.

It’s no surprise that it was a provocative performance, as not many people really expect Jennifer Lopez to sing. J-Lo has been labeled as a “has-been” ever since her 2014 album A.K.A. flopped. Her more recent music fell flat and she decided to act in more films, like 2018’s Second Act, which also lagged. Lopez’s film, Hustlers, was among her more successful projects, however the R rating was fitting enough to warn families of the obscenity of the film. Allowing Lopez to pole dance in front of millions of families during prime-time-hour without warning likely alluded to many uncomfortable talks between parents and their kids when their children likely asked why Jennifer Lopez was dancing on a pole.

J-Lo’s performance doesn’t initially appear all bad, however. At one point during her “burlesque,” Lopez brought out a choir, with the lead singer being her own daughter. Yes, Jennifer Lopez was stripping in front of millions of Americans, including her own daughter, who was right beside her.

Jennifer Lopez’s performance didn’t sit well with many students at Glenwood Springs High School, either.

“Shakira doesn’t even have to try,” Kyley Fishman, junior, said. “J-Lo relied on a hoard of strippers, a children’s choir, and her own daughter to sound good. Meanwhile, Shakira sounded and looked amazing without the need of her backup dancers.”

“The Super Bowl Halftime Show was definitely not fit for all viewers of the game,” Madyson Plantz, sophomore, wrote to me. ‘It was very unsuitable to show women in that light on live television in front of millions of people.”

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira may not have delivered the greatest halftime show, but at least Demi Lovato ruled the National Anthem.