Jazz Jennings: Teen to Watch, LGBTQ+ Rights Activist

Jazz Jennings: Teen to Watch, LGBTQ+ Rights Activist

Danielle Way, Reporter

Jazz Jennings, at 19 years old, is a notable Youtube personality, spokesmodel, reality TV star, and LGBTQ rights activist. Jennings is known for being the youngest publicly documented person to be identified as transgender.

Jennings is known for being very open about her transition from male to female and is a role model for members of the LGBTQ community. She starred in her own reality TV show, I am Jazz, that began in 2015, documenting the challenges she has had to overcome as a transgender teenage girl.

In June of 2018, Jennings began a series of gender confirmation surgeries that did not come without their complications. Her perseverance throughout the entire experience, while continuing to be an influential role in the LGBTQ community, truly shows how strong a young woman she is.

As an advocate for transgender awareness, she has humanized an entire group of people who have been and continue to face extreme adversity. Jennings has encouraged more transgender children to feel comfortable with who they are by preaching acceptance and self-love through her show and Youtube channel.

Not only is Jenning’s a representative of the transgender community, but she is a role model for young women as well. She demonstrates what it means to have self-confidence and staying true to yourself which is a lesson many must learn. Like most teenage girls, she battled self-doubt, and body image problems. In addition, she dealt with the merciless harassment, bullying, and crushing depression that follows her through her transgender journey. The documentation of her struggles on I am Jazz shows girls it is okay to be vulnerable and still be strong.

Jazz Jennings is truly inspirational to young women and men due to her ability to persevere, advocate, and lead our generation in thinking more compassionately about differences.