Students’ Plays Take a Life of Their Own Thanks to Theatre Aspen

Students Plays Take a Life of Their Own Thanks to Theatre Aspen

Kyley Fishman and Morgan Reed, Head/Chief Editors

As the high school continues to practice for it’s upcoming Spring musical, four students have taken the art of theatre into their own hands, each creating their own one act plays.

Every year, Theater Aspen hosts a Theater Masters Playwright Competition. Students are required to submit a play as part of the curriculum for their creative writing class, taught by Lisa Hartert. Hosted at the Black Box Theater at Aspen High School, three Glenwood Springs students’ plays were put into production on the 23-25 of January. Black Box provides professional actors and local experts to ensure the plays are at the highest level they can be, and the three featured plays were no exempt.

Each student dug deep and created an original story: some sad, some funny, and some heartfelt, but each one was inspired by the creator’s own experiences and imagination. Students whose plays were chosen to be produced include: sophomore Paige Flentge, junior Annika Bucchin, junior Bridget Carringtion, and senior Ash Stolley.

“This experience has taught me how to work with adults,” says junior Annika Bucchin, who’s winning play is titled Bench Grinder. “It was exciting to be part of something bigger than myself and be a part of something that represents both myself and my school.”

This is the first time Bucchin has ever worked with a theater production company. The play itself is about her grandfather who passed five years ago and what it would be like to see him again.

“I was just filled with nostalgia and I used it to fuel my writing,” added Buchin. “I’m very proud of how it turned out.”

While Bench Grinder was written solely by Bucchin, Paige Flentge and Bridget Carrington put their heads together and wrote Conscience: Angels vs Demons.

Inspired by the good vs evil trope, Flentge and Carrington’s center plot for the play was about a demon trying to influence someone, while an angel is trying to stop them. Unlike Bucchins, where the topic was filled with wistfulness, Conscience: Angels vs Demons is a comedy.

All three of these winning plays brought an original and fresh story onto the Black Box stage. TNot only did they bring others into their own experiences and stories, but they also gave insight into the creativity of Glenwood’s students. The amazing opportunity granted a view into the actors’ and writers’ guild of playwriting and directing, and maybe even helped launch the career of a future playwright/director. Who knows, maybe we’ll see one of these outstanding students perform their play on the big stage.