Love Can be Found Anywhere in “The Wedding Date”

Love Can be Found Anywhere in The Wedding Date

Dania Chavez, Reporter

The Wedding Date is an exciting and flirty debut novel that follows the distinctly different lives of Alexa Monroe and Drew Nicols, who discover the trials of a budding relationship and a passion neither of them knew they in.

When dreading groomsmen Drew has his date bail at the last minute, he finds himself in a struggle to survive the looming festivities of his ex and best friend. On the eve of the wedding, a power outage strands him with the perfect candidate for a fake girlfriend. Alexa would never agree to accompany a stranger to a wedding, but with charming and personable Drew Nicols, she couldn’t say no.

Throughout the wedding, Alexa is able to maintain a cool head though her lack of self-belief and impolite guests. The novel continues with back and forth weekend meet-ups between cities as the two get more and more intimate as time goes by. Alexa and Drew’s feelings for each other progress more and more and neither of them knows what to do with themselves as time passes.

As they power through hardships, this racy and powerful story ends with an epilogue in which this heart-warming interracial couple gets engaged. The refreshing narrative is a more inclusive and representative picture for a couple of modern-day times, as shines a light on the issues interracial couples face in the beginning stages of a relationship. The Wedding Date is a slightly provocative book with most of it being about the passionate relations between the characters. Although this novel is meant for an older audience, I enjoyed the flirty banter between the two characters and the relatability that most feel on a day- to- day basis. I would rate this book an 8/10.