Fires Rage Through Australia, Major Losses


Grace Malone and James Howell , Reporters

Australia Suffering:
For months, Australia has been experiencing blazing fires across the entire country. As of January 2020, 28 people have died, almost 18 million acres of land have been burned, and over 1 billion reptiles, birds, and mammals have been estimated dead.
Australia is a parched continent that suffers from drought and rising temperatures. The roaring Australian fire started in September, but flared into a world-wide problem on December 10, 2019 and is continuing to rage on today. Satellite images pick up large pictures of the blazing dry-land spreading across Australia on December 26, 2019. There have been fires in every state and some have been hit harder than ever before.
Some fires in Victoria’s East Gippsland region started due to dry lightning in drought forests, causing a blaring fire to occur. People are also at fault in this situation as more than 24 people were charged for deliberately starting bushfires. Many people feel that climate change is the main cause of the spreading fires of Australia.

People and Animals:
The infectious Australian fire has taken the lives of 28 innocent people and over 1 billion innocent animals. Over 12.35 million acres have been severely damaged and blazed across Australia according to the Associated Press. Suffering animals including birds, mammals and reptiles have either been wiped out by these ongoing fires, or severely hurt. Wild animals are not the only one’s suffering, farmers say their crops and plans will fail to prosper because of the smoke in the air, and eventually burn.
Wildfires are nothing new to Australia, the animals and people have been dealing with them forever, but the severity of these spreading fires are something Australia hasn’t seen for a while. There have been reports of people coming across wild animals on the road and witnessing thirst, hunger, and pain these poor animals are conditioned with.
Recent reports of wild animal behavior according to The Washington Post are disturbing. Visitors and townspeople of Australia have come across burnt animals including kangaroos, and cattle trying to escape the fire but depressingly failing. The fires of Australia have reduced animal populations by an unnatural amount. Other animals who had escaped Australia’s fires are scarred for life. Koala’s rescued have been missing eyes, limbs, or have been scorched by the heat of Australia burning.
Not only are these damaging fires destroying the homes of animals, but according to NPR, over 3,000 homes have been destroyed, and are continuing to burn. People in Australia are continuing to help by venturing into the forests, and rescuing animals.

Celebrities donating:
Since the fires in Australia have started burning, many celebrities have used their platform to spread awareness and raise money. At the 2020 Golden Globes, Ellen DeGeneres and Cate Blanchett spoke up about the fires in Australia.

“I gotta say right now, we’re all celebrating here, we’re all dressed up, we’re acting like this is the most important night,” Ellen said in an interview by Renee Bargh for Extra at the Golden Globes, “I mean, we’re all pretending like everything is fine. It’s not fine.There are people that have lost everything. I mean, Australia is such an amazing place! The people are so amazing. The amount of animals that have been lost. I don’t want to pretend like this is all great and we’re not thinking about that. So, know that we can celebrate and we’re not ignoring what’s going on in the world.”

The fires in Australia are particularly impacting to Ellen and her family as her wife, Portia de Rossi, is from Victoria, Australia.

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth has donated $1 million to the fires, and has called for others to donate as well, along with Leonardo DiCaprio, who announced that his newly established environmental organization, Earth Alliance, will donate $3 million to the Australian Wildfires Fund.

Some people have gone to extremes to raise money for the fires, as well. One US model raised over $700k by selling her nude photos online. Kaylen Ward, a Los-Angeles-based model has now claimed that Instagram deactivated her account, but she claims she did nothing wrong.

How can you help?
Although celebrities have set up donating files on social media platforms, you might want to help in more creative and fun ways. Some amazing ways to help Australia are by donating or adopting animals through an organization such as Koala Hospital or Mission Australia. Either way, every dollar that goes into helping Australia is a step closer to regaining the beautiful land that was lost.

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