This Netflix Original Isn’t Worth Sinking Your Fangs Into

This Netflix Original Isn't Worth Sinking Your Fangs Into

Sadie Bruner , Reporter

Originally written by Bram Stoker, the classic horror book, (later turned movie and show), Dracula introduces the twisted tale of the first vampire.

The book introduces this notorious character with a young English lawyer, Jonathan Harker, who is held prisoner at Castle Dracula. Escaping from the castle only to find things back home are in complete chaos, Harker vows to destroy the Count whom he knows possesses supernatural powers. Like the classic hero/villain trope, Harker defeats the notorious vampire.

The newly premiered T.V. show, Dracula, on Netflix, barely follows the book and even goes into the present-day, instead of the 1800s where it originally takes place. Through a series of confusing events, the show becomes hard to understand, and nearly impossible to follow without losing track of the actual story.

The first episode is far fetched and becomes progressively worse through the last two episodes. The timeline is confusing, along with certain aspects and key ideas in the plot being lost. Count Dracula is well played in this series, however he is the only character that somewhat follows the original plot. The rest of the characters are either changed or killed when they are not supposed to, or just don’t exist. This show completely deviates from the book and changes the views of Dracula for worse, rather than better.