Drama Department is Bringing the Competition


Sadie Bruner, Reporter

Glenwood Springs High School is known for its outstanding drama program. Hosting annual musicals and this year, a play, GSHS’ drama program has made a title for itself.

Every year, the kids in this program are presented with the opportunity to go to Colorado Mountain University where they can participate in workshops and even compete with other schools. Along with that, the students get to finish the day by watching an evening stage performance that drama major students put on. They have been going since the program started: four years ago.

“I love that the students get to participate in workshops and they get to compete, and that we can do it all in a day as opposed to having to drive to Denver for an overnight, which is what we have to do in December.”

This year the workshops included: Lighting Technician, Jazz Fusion, Stand Still and Let Me Slap You, Wonderful World of Wax, and Audition. The Lighting Technician workshop allowed students how to properly hang and focus lighting instruments, along with proper techniques in cabling, organization, and maintenance. The Jazz Fusion workshop focused on branches of jazz dance. The Stand Still and Let Me Slap You workshop was an unarmed introduction to stage combat techniques. The Wonderful World of Wax workshop allowed students to demolish wax in violent ways, along with learning to do scary makeup. And lastly, the Audition workshop gave students a few pointers and tricks to auditioning.

Along with those, we also held competitions, one was for singing, another for performing a monologue, and one more for dancing. This year, Paige Northrupt won first place in the singing competition by performing a heartwarming, and tear bringing solo of the song With You from the musical Ghost. Julian Bray also won first place by performing a beautiful monologue.

“Something else that I really like about the CMU trip is that the students get to go spend the day at a college, and specifically in a performing arts wing of a college. So it’s a great introduction to them on what college life will be like on a mini level, and also what college life might be like in the performing arts world and i think that’s such a rare experience for people to have.”

As we work our way through the year, drama students will be spending most of their free time planning and rehearsing this year’s musical. This year’s spring musical is Footloose. Auditions were held a few weeks ago, and the Male Roles include: Ren McCormack, (played by Johnathan W.) Rev. Shaw Moore, (played by Curtis Madden), Wilard Hewitt, (played by Tabor P.) Chuck Cranstion, (played by Stefan W.) Wes Warnicker, (played by Jordan A.) Coach Dunbar, (played by Aithan S. ) Lyle, (played by Ayden) Travis, (played by Ashton) Bickle, (played by James H.) Jeter, (played by Justin T.) Garvin, (played by Braden E.) and Cowboy Bob, (played by Owen Mc.). While the Female Roles include: Ariel Shaw, (played by Jenny H.) Vi Shaw, (played by Paige Northrup) Rusty, (played by Maizy P.) Ethel McCormack, (played by Molly H.) Wendy Jo, (played by Megan Q.) Urleen, (played by Macy D.) Lulu Warnicker, (played by Kyley F.) Eleanor Dunvar, (played by Analynn B.) and Betty Blast, (played by Kate T.). And, lastly, the role of Principal Clark, will be played by Ava Hillbrand. The Ensemble includes the town people, high school students, and Cowboy Bob’s band.

The show will be held on the last week of February and the first week of March. More information will be coming in the next few months, so keep up to date.