The Glenwood Springs Ghost Walk Lights Up Again

The Glenwood Springs Ghost Walk Lights Up Again

Grace Malone, Reporter

The local Glenwood Springs Ghost Walk jumps into another exciting and historic comeback as local actors, led by Glenwood’s Historical Society, present a flash from the past at Doc Holliday’s Cemetery. Led by past actress, Clara Miller, this year’s 2019 Glenwood Ghost Walk was measured as a success!

Clara Miller took part in the Glenwood Ghost Walk in 2010 as a senior at the Glenwood High School. After college, she was reinvolved in 2016 by joining the Board Of Directors for the museum. Miller is hoping and most likely expected to continue leading the Ghost Walk.

“I hope to continue to lead the ghost walk. I don’t think anyone else wants to at this time.”

Miller is a great leader and actress, and is proud to represent the Glenwood Historical Society, a non-profit organization. Many actors and actresses were able to participate this year, making the ghost walk a great success. All of the acting staff are volunteers, making this non-profit fundraiser for the museum hard to ensure every year.

Many locals in Glenwood Springs were frustrated that there was not a 2018 Glenwood ghost walk. The 2017 ghost walk was considered a success and due to non-profit organization, time, and lack of actors, the 2018 ghost walk was not able to continue. Some locals have been going to the ghost walk every year for decades. One woman, an 80-year-old from England, climbed Doc Holliday’s grave in the cold to go again.

“It’s really fun,” said Miller, “but the lack of actors last year caused us not to have it.”

One of the headboard members states, “this is the biggest fundraiser for the museum the whole year.”

All members of the board were disappointed to not hosting it last year but state that they “love it too much, and they don’t want to see it go.”

This year was the 19th annual ghost walk. The first ghost walk took place in October 1999.

“If you don’t count the one year we didn’t do it, it would be our twentieth,” Miller says.

Actors and actresses that participated in the ghost walk were thrilled at the time they had. I, Grace Malone, participated as the character Ella Burn Brown.

“We are here to honor the people we are acting as” Jasper, board members say.

It was a great experience to be up there despite the cold weather it was totally worth it! Through this amazing event, I was able to meet and connect to many new people, while honoring some of the funders of Glenwood.

Although we were unable to find actors for the characters of Doc Holliday and Kid Curry, it was a great experience that encouraged the museum and inspires the thrill of the history of our hometown!
We are ecstatic for the arrival of the 2020 ghost walk!