Riverdale: The Biggest Mystery is Why This Show is Still Airing

Riverdale: The Biggest Mystery is Why This Show is Still Airing

Cynthia Jimenez, Reporter

Riverdale seems to be one of those shows that seems like a good idea at first, but then the writers run out of ideas and you run out of brain cells.

Riverdale is a teen drama/mystery T.V. show based off of the Archie Comics, in which a group of teenagers must investigate the mysterious deaths that plague their small town. The first season was a pleasant surprise, but it all went downhill halfway through the second season.

Four friends, Betty Cooper, newcomer Veronica Lodge, Jughead Jones, and Archie Andrews, try to figure out exactly how the twin brother of the popular, rude, and rich Cheryl Blossom, died. The season has a good story line and the perfect plot twist. The second season has the same characters with a new mystery: who shot Archie’s father?

The mystery surrounding the characters was perfect in the beginning, but became a little tedious when unnecessary new characters were introduced and the story became muddled up and confusing. The third season is definitely the point where where most viewers stop watching and lost track of the entire plot.

The fourth season is definitely not worth watching. The confusion of the second season and the big flop of the third foreshadows just how bad the fourth will be. Riverdale is a confusing, horrible, unrealistic show that does not relate to the audience it’s directed to. Even the mystery surrounding the characters fades out and you can guess almost everything that’s going to happen.
I wouldn’t recommend this show to anyone that doesn’t like convoluted, irrelevant storylines.