Diversity Club Aims to Celebrate Differences

Snapcode to join the Diversity Club Snapchat group

Snapcode to join the Diversity Club Snapchat group

Addison Luetke, Reporter

New year, same club trying to make a difference and help students in our school and community feel like they belong.

As we have just ended the first quarter of 2019-20, Diversity Club is in full swing trying to share awareness of things that are happening in our valley and all over the world. Diversity has a place for everyone. Their goal is to spread awareness about all kinds of differences, such as sexual preference, culture, political opinions, religion, and more, and promote acceptance of diversity.

Diversity club participates in the annual Youth Conference in Eagle, which they just attended this weekend on October 26th, and are also talking about going to a Cherry Creek Diversity Conference in the spring. They also participate in a variety of different community service activities, such as free childcare at the elementary schools during parent meetings and teacher conferences.The club hold movie nights and game nights sometimes on the weekends in order to bring students together give them something fun to do.

The secretary, Lesley, and the president, Cassie Garcia are trying to promote diversity for their Capstone projects.

“One of our ideas is to have students find a word or a few words that represents their identity,” said Garcia, “and take a picture of them holding their word, and post them on our instagram.”

The girls just want to represent everyone’s diversity and prove that it is ok to be different and that it is ok to stand out.

During the summer, they annually take a day trip to Elitches, just to have fun and hang out as an entire club.

“We’re trying to turn the Elitches trip into a project,” said Kayla Thompson, teacher sponsor, “talking about maybe making a “Diversity Day” where we invite clubs from other schools to join us.”

They want to build diversity within their own club, and are always accepting new members. The meetings are held on white Mondays at lunch in room 1706. Feel free to stop by at any time to meet new people and help build diversity within our community.

Follow Diversity club on Instagram and Snapchat to keep up with their current projects and events and to see if diversity club is the place for you! The instagram account can be found below, and add them on snapchat by using the snapcode above.
Instagram: gshsdiversityclub