Top Scary Movies to Put on Your Watch List

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Scary movies are the most common way to hang out and get freaked out on Halloween. The GSHSBrimstone staff put together our favorite spooky movies to watch on the scariest day of the year. Make sure these movies are on your list tonight because they are sure to give you a chill.

The Shining
The classic movie, The Shining, is an all time favorite horror film. The movie was filmed in 1980, directed by Stanley Kubrick and co-written by Diane Johnson. The Shining tells the story where Jack Torrence and his family become the winter caretakers of the Overlook Hotel. In the beginning scene, Jack is in an interview, in hopes of becoming the attendant of the hotel. In the interview he is informed that the previous caretaker ended up shooting himself after murdering his entire family. Jack chooses to ignore that because he really wants to live in the hotel with his family this winter, while no one else is staying there. Jack’s son, Danny, happens to have a power that they call “The Shining” that reveals moments and objects from the past as well as future. When they begin to stay at the hotel, Danny meets another person who also has this “shining” power. The man warns him about the hotel and tells him of experiences that have happened in the past. Later, Danny starts having apparitions guests and workers that previously died in the hotel. Eventually, Jack becomes insanely aggressive and his family starts having thoughts that he might do the same thing that the previous caretaker did.
The Shining gets a B- rating, based on other classic horror films because it takes a story into craziness and takes many turns throughout the plot. It is a great movie to watch for a good scare.

Documentaries are the best way to go since they are based on true stories but not this movie. Blair Witch has a unique way the way it was filmed. The Blair Witch Project is supposedly a ‘Documentary’ about a local murder in a small town. Many believe it was a legend but many others knew deep down that it was true.
This movie would get a C+ due to the fact that in the beginning it seems like a normal documentary but it was really boring. It wasn’t interesting and didn’t really get me hooked on to the plot. Towards the end that’s where things get interesting. It didn’t really spook me as you would say, but it was a somewhat good movie overall and this movie would intrigue people who actually know about the Blair Witch.

Produced by Steven Spielberg, Poltergeist begins with the same mix of ingredients any other horror movie would have: a happy suburban family, a nice house, and similar warnings of doom (weather changing strangely, household objects moving by themselves, a ghost targeting a child). Even the effects are similar to other movies: goo dripping down walls and strange faces in the mirror.
Strange and creepy things begin to happen the Freelings family when their 5-year-old daughter, Carol Ann, begins to communicate with someone (or something) through the tv set. The family thinks nothing of it, believing that it is just the wild imagination of a 5 year old. When they begin to see objects moving by themselves, the Freelings begin to believe and become friendly with the playful ghosts, however, the ghosts turn unexpectedly violent, sending a tornado to their house and almost drowning Diane. When Carol Ann goes missing, Steve, Diane, and their 8-year-old son turn to a ghost psychologist and eventually an exorcist for help. Eventually, they learn that their house was built on a cemetery, creating an explanation for why they have a haunting.
Although one of the 1980’s most distinctive horror films, now, it’s considered unscary. The only reason the movie holds your interest is because of how real the family is. The viewer wants to know what happens to little Carol Anne, catching the audience’s attention. However, one is almost driven to giggles when they see the special effects. Probably considered jumpscares in the 80’s, the melting of a human’s face and the uprising of the dead are hilariously ridiculous.
Despite this however, Poltergeist deserves to be on a ‘Horror Movies to Watch’ list. Rated a C+, Spielberg targets and evolves the stereotypes of a horror movie, bringing a typical suburban family’s nightmares to life.

It’s a classic whodunnit in the iconic horror film, Scream. The witty, bloody film was directed by Wes Craven, known for directing Nightmare on Elm and The Hills Have Eyes, both particularly gory slasher films. The film opens with an amazing seen about a teenager, played by Drew Barrymore, who picks up the phone to answer a psychopathic killer obsessed with horror movies, disguised as a witty stranger. The playful, oftentimes inappropriate, banter leads into her being sliced, diced, and eventually hung from a tree.
The intro was an intriguing start to this iconic movie and foreshadowed how great it would be. For the entirety of the film, you’ll be observing each character carefully to decipher who the killer is. The spooky tone of the movie is also accompanied by dark humor and hilarious wit.
I would give this movie a solid A, Scream is a must watch movie for Halloween or anytime of the year.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the original slasher released in 1974 and set the bar for every horror movie to be released after it. Starting the horror cliches of the strong overbearing killer, the final girl, and the horns to alert the viewer when a kill will occur. This film begins as our final girl Sally, her wheelchair bound brother Franklin, couple Kirk and Pam, as well as Jerry who’s just there. They take a detour at Sally’s old family farm house when they run out of gas. Kirk and Pam go looking for a swimming hole when they stumble upon a derelict house. Kirk enters and is murdered by our slasher “Leatherface”, Pam then follows inside and is subsequently hung on a meat hook. Jerry then sets out to find the couple and is then murdered by Leatherface. After Jerry goes missing siblings Sally and Franklin set out to find their friends, as they patrol through the woods Franklin is then gutted by Leatherface’s chainsaw. Sally runs off and is captured by the gas station attendant from earlier and is taken back to the house. It is revealed that along with a hitchhiker the gas attendant and Leatherface make up a cannibalistic family. The patriarch of the family “Grandpa” attempts to kill Sally but is too weak and she is able to escape in the ensuing struggle. She runs off into the road as the hitchhiker is hit by a truck which allows her to permanently escape the family. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a great Halloween movie that began the trend of slasher and introduced the “final girl” to the horror movie spectrum. With the scary visuals and the unpredictable story at that time gives this film an A that every horror movie fan or any movie fan should watch.

There’s a reason Child’s Play is one of the most iconic horror movies, and it’s not for its special effects.
This 1988 horror film is about the iconic murderous doll, Chucky. Chucky is a popular Good Guy Doll that speaks and moves, it’s every kids dream to have one. The Good Guy is then possessed by a serial killer named Charles Lee Ray. By chance, the doll is purchased by Karen Barclay on her son’s, Andy, 6th birthday. Chucky later kills Karen’s close friend, who was babysitting Andy one night. She now has to convince Detective Mike Norris that Chucky is the culprit of the murder commited on her friend. Soon every kids dream, turns into every kids nightmare.
The motion picture was directed and co-written by Tom Holland. The movie made $44.2 million in the box office which calculates to $95,497,852.92 in 2019. The fact that it made this much money world wide says plenty. The movie was rated R but was still deemed popular amongst adults all over the world. The film itself didn’t have the eerie feeling that traditional horror movies have from the start, and it foreshadowed the amount of fright for the rest of the movie. Not many jump scares were shown, which for a horror movie, was quite disappointing.
The movie overall was not scary, but did give you an edge to whether or not anyone will find out that Chucky is the real killer. All throughout the movie, Chucky has two goals, to kill those that have wronged him and to get out of the doll’s body. For the horror world, comedy would be very upsetting, but otherwise this movie is quite funny. It’s shown throughout the plot that Chucky, or his soul, is to an extent, sarcastic and full of irony. For sarcastic people, that’s pretty comforting.
Although the movie is a classic and for the 80’s it was amazing, Child’s Play is a solid D+,still being an icon, Chucky is a must watch movie for either horror or comedy fans.

John Carpenter’s original Halloween is fun for the whole family, that is, if your family is willing to sleep with the lights on for a couple of nights.
The movie follows Laurie Strode, played by Jamie Lee Curtis, through the events that transpire on Halloween night. Michael Myers, played by Nick Castle, a murderer who has been in an asylum for 15 years, has escaped and returns to his home town to revisit the site of his first murder, with more to come. Unfortunately, a decade and a half is a psychiatric ward hasn’t changed any of his morbid habits, in fact, he is even more adept to blending into his environment than most.
The horror movie classic drastically changed how the audience sees villains. One of his most notable characteristic is the fact that he doesn’t say a word as the movie progresses. The fact that the killer never speaks only increases the mystery around the character, unlike other, newer horror movie villains like Pennywise in the reboot of Stephen King’s IT, who talks so often that the audience becomes desensitized to the character’s scare tactics. He also doesn’t seem to have any weakness, withstanding attacks that would at the very least incapacitate the average person. I would rate this movie a solid A-.

The 1984 Children of the Corn horror movie beings with a bang when the children of Gatlin Nebraska murder all the adults within the town. Lead by Isaac Chroner, the teen preacher and his second hand Malachai Boardman the Children of the Corn worship “He Who Walks Behind the Rows”.
Three years after the death of the parents of the town, a young couple, Burt Stanton and his girlfriend Vicky, stumble upon a dead child and are lead to Gatlin. When they arrive they are greeted by blood thirsty children eager to sacrifice them to their lord.
Befriended by Sarah and Job, two of the children, the couple begin to discover the truth behind the children and “He Who Walks Behind the Rows”.
When Vicky is captured by the children, Burt sets out to rescue her and save Sarah and Job. He is eventually guided to the clearing within the corn field and encounters the menacing Malachai, and Isaac on the stake.
With the story ending in a fiery inferno, it is still questionable whether this movie could be considered the best of all time. Throughout the story there is biblical reference, and even goes as far as Burt preaching love and compassion to the children. Additionally, they key to destroying “He Who Walks Behind the Rows” was within a verse of the Bible. Also, at the end of the movie, Burt, Vicky, Sarah, and Job walk 19 miles to the next town in order to seek safety from the remaining children. Plus, there are hints to the infamous “disappointment speech” when Burt confronts the children.
Not taking into account that the effects and acting are outdated, this movie will leave you hiding behind a blanket contemplating the twisted mind of Stephen King. This movie has earned a solid C due to the significance of the story in older generations, but the lack of meeting standards today.

The clocks stop a 3:07, repulsive odors linger throughout the house, unexplained noises resonate throughout the hallways, doors slam shut, the family dog dies, and strange bruising appears on the Carolyn Perron, the mother of the household. The Conjuring has begun.
When a family searches for a fresh start in the countryside of Rhode Island they are surprised to find that their house is home to the spirit of the witch, Bathsheba
As strange occurrences continue to terrorize the family, the mother seeks out Ed and Lorraine Warren, professional paranormal investigators, to assist them with their problem.
With the story climaxing when the mother becomes possessed by Bathsheba, Ed performs an exorcism all while Roger is in search of his youngest daughter, creating an eventful and terrifying last moments.
Throughout the movie, the Annabelle story is introduced through a couple paralyzing scenes involving Ed and Lorraine’s daughter and the murderous doll.
With the mother seeking to kill her children, and Lorraine’s visions of the horrors of the house this movie will give you the adrenaline high you were looking for. This 2013 movie would earn a C on the quality factor due to the tedious first hour of the movie

The classic Nightmare on Elm Street starring Heather Langenkamp, Robert Englund, Amanda Wyss, and Johnny Depp will leave you fearful to shut your eyes for even just a moment. This classic, exciting, thrilling movie will have your heart racing all night long.
When Tina, played by Amanda Wyss, discovers that something’s after her, a panic arises inside of her like a fiery building. Her nightmares are becoming a reality. As she quickly tells her friends what’s happening, she finds disappointment that only her closest friend, Nancy, played by Heather Langenkamp, believes her. Her other friends, Rod, played by Jsu Garcia, and Glen, played by Johhny Depp, think she’s crazy. “A burnt man with claws,” Tina describes, but as the story unfolds, they begin to suspect that these dreams could be a reality. As things in town flare into catastrophe and adults refuse to believe these kids, gruesome attacks lead to blood and body bags piling up one by one. Though police officials deny belief in the bending of reality before them, horrible things happen at an uncontrollable rate. And as the teens, all living on Elm Street learn the truth behind the happenings, they discover that the only way to prevent the murders is to not fall asleep. Though it might seem easy, the teens soon discover that the nightmares of this strange man are cutting to a bleeding truth. What happens to them in their dreams, all the cuts and burns, come splashing to a bloody reality. The only question to ask now is, how long can you stay awake for?
This amazing movie kept me entertained the entire time, awake at every scene, and as the story unfolded, and the twists and turns sharpened at every corner, it left me jaw dropped, eager to see it again.

Released in 2017, the movie “IT: Chapter One” sold out in box offices all over the country.This twisted and sickening tale is sure to haunt you. Perfectly spaced action sequences will hold your attention, while happiness and fun appear in brief moments. Seeing these kids being able to laugh and hangout shows how strong they are. While some parts don’t make a whole lot of sense, it somehow fits in perfectly with the plot of the movie.
It starts when a little boy goes missing and seven young kids must ban together to solve the mystery, with little knowledge of just how horrifying the truth really is. The close friends Bill, Richie, Eddie, Beverly, Stanley, Mike and Ben all start to see a clown, that they refer to as “It,” who they later discover to Pennywise. When they look into the history of their small town, Derry, Maine, they find that every twenty-seven years, kids go missing never to be seen again. They discover that It lives and travels through the sewers, all of which lead back to the old, abandoned well house. When Beverly is taken, the other six must face their fears and search the sewers to find It’s lair and save her. But while searching through the sewers, some terrifying and dark secrets emerge.
Bill Skarsgard (Pennywise), Finn Wolfhard (Richie Tozier), Jack Dylan (Eddie Kaspbrak), Sophia Lillis (Beverly Marsh), Wyatt Oleff (Stanley Uris), Jaeden Lieberher (Bill Denbrough), Jeremy Ray Taylor (Ben Hanscom), and Chosen Jacobs (Mike Hanlon) all did an excellent job in portraying the sheer terror of this strange tale. The novel written by Stephen King is one of the most popular thrillers to read, riveting and thoughtfully planned out.
This horror film couldn’t get more thrilling and nerve-racking. It is definitely a need to watch.