Abominable hits the Big Screen


Anahi Lara, Reporter

Yetis may be scary, but not this big fluffy creature.

Abominable has dominated the box office, placing first in the top animated box office for an entire week, and earning 20-30 million dollars.

Yi is a teenage girl who has two friends Jin and Peng. One day, Yi was on her apartment roof when she runs into a Yeti. Soon enough her two friends come on the roof and think the Yeti is attacking Yi when all he wanted was to go home instead of the prison made to look like a zoo he was in. They all end up going on an adventure to help this poor Yeti get back home.

This Yeti is not only loved by Yi and her two friends but is also critically acclaimed and loved by viewers young and old.

Jaymin Kanzer, a junior who doesn’t usually get touched by movies, says, “I usually don’t cry in movies, but I did cry near the end and that really surprised me.”

He highly recommends the movie.

Abominable really touched the audiences heart by the lesson in the movie with each of the characters and because of that many did shed a few tears, but there were also a few scenes that would give you a good laugh. Definitely would give this a 10/10 and would recommend this to you as a viewer and would definitely watch it again.

Abominable is a very warm movie and would recommend to people with big warm hearts and brings some tissues just in case you shed some tears because most of us did.