Glenwood Springs Turns a New Page

Grace Malone, Reporter

The Glenwood Demon’s Book Club is flipping pages to a fresh new start. Guided by GSHS’s librarian Mrs. Lamb and librarian Leslie Krick from Glenwood’s Branch Library, this year’s club is going to a whole new chapter.
Meeting on the first and third Wednesdays of every month in the library, the book club is a free, student-led club where you can let your ideas roam freely.
“We like to think that it’s more about the kids,” says Lamb. She believes that being student-led, the book club will help members get the best experience from every meeting. The students choose every book and are currently reading an intriguing non-fiction book called The 57 Bus.
“The kids love the fantasy books, but we read every genre,” Lamb assures. The blending of every genre creates a great and educational experience for each member throughout their time in the club.
It’s a great way to connect to other people through reading and learning, and a great experience all in all. Members and leaders recommend joining this club if you’re looking for a great club to join with supportive members and books to read. The book club is a great place in all, both for learning, and for enjoyment.