Varsity Player’s Big Break

Varsity Player's Big Break

Evelyn Sanchez, Reporter

From being the only freshman to make the varsity soccer team, to being one of Varsity’s most valuable players, it’s sad to hear what has happened to Cameron Burt.

A couple of weeks ago on September 24 at a soccer game, the unthinkable happened. Cameron Burt was standing on the field trying to clear a ball out and a player from the opposing team suddenly used his shoulder to push Burt. Burt rolled with the player a couple of times and hit the fence before breaking his wrist.

Burt was standing alongside his brother Mitchell Burt, a senior who is on the varsity team as well. Since they were little, they have always loved being on the field together.

“It’s a sad time for me to not be able to play with my friends,” C. Burt said, “but once I get better I will get right back on that field.”

Burt currently has his arm in a cast and sling and unfortunately has been sitting on the bench for the past 5 games. He is expected to be healed within the next four weeks, but until then he will continue going with the Demons and cheering his team on.