Mock Trial Competes for Number One

Paige Flentge, Reporter

Glenwood Mock Trial isn’t the program to beat for nothing. This year, as three teams prepare to compete against all Colorado has to offer, Glenwood alumni Isabel Carlson and Zac Parsons guide their students to the best chance at winning using their past Mock Trial success and real-world experience. Glenwood students have started the year with two cases, one for Empire, a rigorous national competition that Team One attends, and one for Providence, a national competition in Denver that everyone else attends. This year’s Providence case is based on the Lindbergh Kidnapping, following the basic principles and details to give teams a chance to work with a case that is real-world applicable.

“Personally, I love this year’s case. I think it’s super interesting and fun,” said Team Two student Anna Carrington. This year is Carrington’s third year in the program, along with many other students on the team. Team Two is leaving for the Providence competition next week, competing October 17th through October 19th.

As the teams prepare for their respective tournaments, Coach Isabel Carlson is optimistic for the coming year.

“I think we have a really strong teams this year, not only the people on Team One, but also on Team Two so I’m excited to see what happens at Providence and Empire and how it prepares them for the state competition.”

Coach Isabel teaches the Mock Trial elective class at GSHS, as well as actively advising Team Two, along with Zac Parsons and head coach Charlie Willman.

Team One students left for Empire the morning of October 9th, departing for New York, New York at four in the morning. The continued dedication to the program from alums and new students alike makes Glenwood’s impressive state record–seven state championships–possible.

Linnea Petterson, a senior on Team One, shares why she believes Mock Trial kids are so committed to the program. “We care about our team members. We want to win, so we put in a lot of time and passion.” The love for the program stems from many different things, from the coaches to the exhilaration of dominating a courtroom.

“The feeling of being in the courtroom is beyond anything I can explain, and it’s just a rush when you perform a case,” Lily Webber, one of five juniors on Team One, says. Webber has been an avid Mock participant since her freshman year.

“The coaching styles are also unique, and we have really good coaches who are willing to help us 24/7,” adds Pilar Melendez Ruiz, another junior on Team One, who credits their team’s success to the coaches. Once the teams return from Empire and Providence, they will begin preparing for State Case in November. This year, Glenwood’s goal is to send both of their top teams to state by securing the number one and number two spots at the regional competition in February.