Alvarado Scores, Guadardo Holds Steady

Alvarado Scores, Guadardo Holds Steady

William Marshall, Reporter

The Glenwood Demons Soccer team took the field against Battle Mountain yesterday in what was surely the best matchup of the season so far.

German Alvarado allowed the Demons to strike early in the first half with an amazing goal courtesy of an Alan Videla assist. Alvarado wasn’t the only star on the field as Carlos Guadardo allowed only one goal on 18 shots. Glenwood also did a fantastic job on limiting fouls and offsides as they had one offside and 11 fouls as compared to Battle Mountain’s 8 and 20.

However, the Demons were unable to secure the win. Battle Mountains one goal in the 2nd led them to a tie with the Demons, which they maintained until the end of the game. The game finished with a tie of 1-1-, and two over-times under their belt.

The Glenwood Demons Soccer stays with an undefeated record of 2-0-2. The Demons are playing the Steamboat Sailors at home on Tuesday the 1st.