Mardi Gras Comes to Glenwood


Addison Luetke and James Howell, Reporters

Another homecoming has approached quickly and Student Council is working hard to make it the best week yet.

Homecoming is a time for the entire student body at GSHS to come together and show school spirit by window painting, float building, dressing up, etc. The week is also filled with tons of activities including: a parade, pep rally, bonfire, many sporting events, dance, and the highly anticipated Homecoming football game. Students at GSHS are pumped for the upcoming festivities.

“The football game is my favorite part of homecoming.” said senior, Jonah Kelley. “The whole school gets really hyped and we all have a good time cheering on our team, no matter what the results of the game are.”

This week the Glenwood Demons are playing the Rifle Bears at the football game, and people are very ecstatic to watch this valley rivalry.

“I’m most excited for the football game because everyone is always excited to be there,” junior, Skylar McLaren said. “Everyone shows a lot of school spirit and it’s very exhilarating!”

A lot of students can agree with McLaren and Kelley, that the game is a very memorable part of the week full of fun.

“Friday as a whole is just a very fun day all together,” said Lisa Hartert, Student Council supervisor. “Even kids who don’t normally participate, show their Demon pride on Friday and it is really unifying.”

Another high point of homecoming week is the dance on Saturday night. The dance is held at the school and is a time for the student body to dress up, eat food, and dance with their friends. This year the theme of the dance is Mardi Gras, a carnival held annually, most famously in New Orleans.

“The students voted on the Mardi Gras theme, we thought it would be very fun and colorful,” Hartert said. “They also thought that we would have some really cool decorations for the dance.”

A new theme is chosen every year for the dance and the week as a whole. A few years ago the theme was Life’s a Beach.

“We had a lot of fun decorations like umbrellas, surf boards, and palm trees and it was very memorable,” said Hartert. “Everyone got into it, people were even crowd surfing on the foam surfboards at the dance.” Hopefully this year Mardi Gras tops Life’s a Beach from 2016. “Homecoming now, and this school in general, is definitely more inclusive than in my day,” Mrs Hartert added. “It really brings people together better than before when cliques took over.”

Peachfuzz volleyball is happening in the main gym on Wednesday after school, starting at 2 PM. There is a Bonfire at the fire pit, near the practice field on Thursday, the 26th at 7:30 PM (after the Varsity Soccer Game).The football game is on Friday night, September 27th on Stubler Memorial Field at 7 PM. The Homecoming dance will be held in the GSHS auxiliary gym, this Saturday, September 28th from 8 to 11 PM. Don’t forget to support our school and show Demon pride throughout the rest of the week. Go Demons!