New Band Council at GSHS

Kyley Fishman, Head Chief/Editor

The band at Glenwood Springs High School has a mission: to come back bigger and stronger with the rise of their new band council.

The mission of the council is to become more organized and get the kids in band that are already involved more directly involved with the decision-making process, rather than just sitting behind a music stand and playing notes on a score. The council also hopes to draw in more kids that have even the slightest interest in band.

Official committee leaders were appointed Monday.

The Presidents for band as a whole are both Alliyah and Riley Mcmilla; Vice President is Isabella Nevin; President of Jazz is Ayden Arbar; President of Percussion Ensemble is Gabriel Bianco, and the Paper Operators are Orlando and Dylan. There is no Treasurer.

“My main priority is to start up marching band again,” says Riley McMillan. “I also want to try to get performances at First Friday started up again because kids liked those and it was fun to get involved.”

Other ideas have also been thrown around.

“We want to try to put up murals in practice rooms and redesign them as well,” says Isabella Nevin. “I plan on working with the presidents on executing all of our plans and finding what’s financially feasible so we can make band more enjoyable and a better student space.”

Being part of the band is a big commitment and the members of the council have stepped up to accept their roles.

Meetings are every Monday at lunch in the Band room. Show up if you are interested or have any ideas regarding band that you would like to share. If you are interested in Percussion Ensemble, please contact both Caskin and/or Gabriel.
[email protected]