Teacher Feature

Paige Flentge and Grace Malone, Reporters

This new year shot off quickly, leaving students and faculty caught up in the spin of the new routine.

The fast kick-off has left students in the dust and wondering who the new teachers are. This year, Glenwood welcomes three new teachers the school.

Mr. Wherry, a World History and Geography teacher, is an adventurous who greatly appreciates fresh air, live music, and cooking with his family. Outside of school, Wherry has a passion for tearing down the mountains in the powder, watching both Lady and Men Demons, Manchester City soccer games, reading books, and walking his dogs, Aniken and Akela.

Wherry enjoys being in this new environment and treats his students with profound kindness and respect. Before becoming part of the GSHS team, Wherry spent his time in Houston, Texas, working at Carl Wunsche Sr. High School.

“There were probably fifteen hundred over there,” Wherry says, comparing them to almost thousand students currently enrolled at GSHS.

He loves that at GSHS there is a variety of physical and extracurricular activities, whereas at his other school, academic competition took precedence.

“I really think athletics and curricular activities help the school in a positive manner. Everyone was involved in something,” said Wherr.

After moving to Carbondale, Colorado, he worked at Riverview High School as a humanities and social studies teacher. His goal for teaching this year is to help students improve their skills in reading, writing, and critical thinking.

He plans to continue his love of learning and encourages all of his students to read and write more. He loves GSHS so far, the freedom that the school provides, the amazing faculty he works with, and the overall culture of the school. Overall, Wherry is enjoying his year so far and thinks that Colorado is generally an amazing place to be.

Mrs. Dickson is an experienced and kind educator that has been coaching teachers in the district for the past 20 years. This year, Dickson jumps back into the classroom as an English I, AP Language, and CMC Outreach teacher. She spent many of her prior years teaching at CMC and various Teach For America schools around the state. Dickson found that the biggest difference between this school and the ones she has previously worked at has been that the students at GSHS always try best and are committed to learning every day. She originally went to high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was an undergrad at Stanford, and graduated from Tufts University, Massachusetts.

Dickson has been living in Carbondale for the past six years along with her husband, the RFSD superintendent, Rob Stein. She loves speeding down trails on her bike, skiing down the local mountains, and running. Dickson enjoys everything Colorado has to offer to the fullest.

Her goal in teaching this year is to support students and help them grow stronger each year.

“For me, it’s to be a really strong teacher who is supporting students and really helping them grow really strong,”Dickson says about her goals this year.

She enjoys the students and staff here have healthy relationships and high levels of respect for each other.

“There has been a high level of respect and it comes from, I think, relationships,” says Dickson. “If there are good relationships between students and faculty then there’s also respect. And here it does feel like there are really strong relationships between students and faculty.”

Mr. Luck is a new math and science teacher here at GSHS. Students are sharing good words about Luck and are enjoying his class. Unfortunately, the Brimstone was unable to conduct an interview with him due to the busy volume of students, but we appreciate his presence here.

We hope that all new teachers, and students, have a good year this year! Welcome to GSHS!