Demons Won’t Back Down Despite Their Previous Loss


Jaymin Kanzer, Reporter

The Glenwood Springs Demons varsity football team took a tough loss to one of the top teams in the state, the Holy Family Tigers, on the opening night of the 2019 season.

With the absence of many of last year’s key seniors, there were questions and concerns about whether the team’s defense was strong enough. Those questions were answered when the team held off one of the top quarterbacks in the state 110 passing yards, along with strong, new, safety, Garrett Dollahan, picking off the Tiger’s quarterback on the goal line. The defense was strong, but despite this, were still unable to make it to the endzone and lost to the Tigers.

In a ten-play drive by the Demons offense, led by new quarterback Dylan Albright, they ended up in the red zone. However, all hopes for the Demons ending up in the endzone were killed as Albright’s second-down pass was picked off by the Tigers secondary.

The Demons defense pulled its own weight and more, but the offense couldn’t hold onto the ball. Five turnovers hurt the Demons heavily. Throughout the whole game, the Demons offense drove down the field, and used their superior run game led by Senior Elliot Walz, Junior Garrett Dollahan, and Sophomore Blake Nieslanik. However, as soon as they were within field goal range, everything fell apart. Whether it was an interception, fumble, or a snap that got away from Albright, the Demons just couldn’t finish the drive.

“Turnovers really hurt us. If you lose the ball that many times, you can’t expect a great team not to capitalize on that,” said tight end Wheatley Nieslanik.

The Demons shouldn’t expect anything less from The Harrison Panthers, who they play this week, than what they received from the Tigers. The Panthers, who finished in the top five in the 3A conference last year, will travel to Stubler Memorial Field and take on the Demons this Friday. Despite enduring the backbreaking loss against Holy Family, the Demons aren’t backing down.

“The Holy Family loss didn’t even affect us, we are going to come back even more fired up and we will be ready [for Harrison]” Nieslanik said.

The game is at seven o’clock at Glenwood Springs High School. This week’s theme is white-out. Come down on Friday to watch the Demons clash with the Panthers. If you can’t make it, KMTS broadcasts every game. Find the broadcast on channel 99.1 or visit their website.