13 Reasons Why: The Continuation No One Asked For


James Howell, Reporter

13 Reasons Why returns after a clumsy season 2 with an even more questionable third season.

Season 3 is just boring and completely useless considering the events following after season one weren’t even in the book.

Season 3 follows the students at Liberty High School, well, all except one: Bryce Walker, the local bad guy who was found dead in the river, murdered. Bryce Walker was a problematic character. He was a high school jock who had been accused of and later confessed to raping multiple girls at the school. Season 2 followed a lawsuit against Bryce Walker by one of the victims, Jessica Davis.

Season 3 is a jumbled mess that drags on for thirteen episodes for no apparent reason. Yes, an unoriginal thirteen episodes. Many of the episodes of the third season are unnecessary, they’re boring and for the most part uneventful. This season also focuses on way too many stories the viewers weren’t able to keep track of. It focused on far too many character arcs that were ultimately unnecessary to the story as a whole.

Speaking of unnecessary characters, one new character, Ani, is stirring up viewers so much, that the actress who plays the character was forced to abandon her Instagram for receiving so much hate. Ani, the narrator to the entire season, was not well received by fans. She couldn’t keep out of anyone’s business and always seemed to be present for every single event that took place that season.

“The reason I didn’t like her was because of the complete and utter contradictions of her character,” Isabella Nevin, a Junior, says. “The show made her as a quiet, observant and intelligent type, someone who doesn’t conform to the status quo. They rode on the stereotypes of highschool. She continually makes decisions that are intended to be morally ambiguous but are instead just straight up bad. She also continually has a lapse of disrespect for her immigrant mother’s standards and sacrifices.”

Another reason she is getting so much hate is because there was no reason for her character appearance and started investigating like she was Nancy Drew, which was a bit annoying.. Stay in your lane, Ani.

After the actress, Grace Saiff, deleted multiple posts from her instagram due to the backlash, several of her castmates to spoke up. Timothy Granaderos, who plays Monty de la Cruz on the show, uploaded a post on reminding fans that the characters are simply fictional.

“Whether or not you support, like, or love, a character in our fictional tv show—please remember that there is a talented and beautiful actor/actress bringing those scripted words to life,” he stated. “One of the underlying themes in our show is to take care of each other. I’ve seen some pretty nasty things being said online, concerning the introduction of a new character. Y’all are passionate & we love you for that, but PLEASE PLEASE try to be kind and respect the work of the talented actress/actor behind the character.”

Another actress from the show, Anne Winters, who plays Chloe Rice, spoke with People Magazine in Grace’s defense.

“I think her role was very important this season, because, you know, you need someone that has the other side of Bryce,” Anne acknowledged. “And we wouldn’t have really gotten to see that unless there was some sort of new character that was living with him.”

This is not the first time this Netflix show has run into issues and controversies. Back when the series premiered in Spring 2017, the show received severe backlash surrounding the scene of a high school student graphically killing herself in her bathtub. In July, Netflix pulled the scene from the show.

“We’ve heard from many young people that 13 Reasons Why encouraged them to start conversations about difficult issues like depression and suicide and get help—often for the first time,” Netflix said in a statement. “So on the advice of medical experts… we’ve decided with creator Brian Yorkey and the producers of 13 Reasons Why to edit the scene in which Hannah takes her own life from Season 1.”

There was even an investigation in 2017 when two teens reportedly killed themselves after watching the show. Bella Herndon and Priscilla Chui, who didn’t know each other, had reportedly watched the show around the same time, and committed suicide only four days apart.

This led to further investigation, and the National Institutes of Health discovered suicides increased by 28.9% among teens aged 10-17 in the month following the series’s release.

“After accounting for seasonal effects and an underlying increasing trend in monthly suicide rates, the overall suicide rate among 10- to 17-year-olds increased significantly in the month immediately following the release of 13 Reasons Why,” the study states. “Holt-Winters forecasting revealed elevated observed suicide rates in the month after release and in two subsequent months, relative to corresponding forecasted rates.”

The unrealistic stigma of suicide portrayed in the show has created a false represention among teens about a serious issue.

Overall the show has been going down hill since its premiere, and with the end of its third season, it’s truly rounded off its worst season yet.

Netflix has rumored that 13 Reasons Why will come back for a fourth season.