Glenwood Demons Football Preview 2019


Photo taken by Jaymin Kanzer

Jaymin Kanzer , Reporter

New school year, new football season, new players, new starters, and the same goal: to win the state championship.

In 2018, the Glenwood Springs Demons football team was strong but fell just short of the playoffs. With a new quarterback, running back, tight end, and kicker.

The Demons took a hit with the loss of 20 seniors last season. In an effort to make up for the loss, head coach Pat Engle has been pushing the Demons harder in the weight room.

“[They] are a little bigger and stronger,” Engle says “but not as seasoned as most of those seniors were last year.”

“We have been lifting consistently from January to now,” says junior offensive and defensive tackle, Nolan Mcpherson. “Because of the lifting this year compared to the last two years, [we’ve] been a lot more focused on getting better and getting stronger on position. Opposed to the last two seasons being focused purely on how much weight you can move.”

This season the Demons have four opponents ranked above 15 in the 3A class, and three in the top 5. Engle believes that the toughest part of this season will be their schedule.

“I think if we keep our heads down and focus only on us then we will be fine and have a successful season,” said the new starting tight end, junior Wheatley Nieslanik.

The Demons will start the season on the road, traveling to Broomfield for their first game against the Holy Family Tigers, ranked 12th in the 3A division, who have a very pass-heavy offense.

“They prefer to throw the ball everywhere,” Engle said. “They will put our pass rush and our pass coverage to the test in this game. If we stop their pass, I believe that we have a good shot at winning this game.”

“This year we are more prepared and ready to make a playoff push,” added Nieslanik.