Harmony is Coming to GSHS


Sadie Bruner, Reporter

It is a new year for Glenwood Springs High School, which means new teachers, new classes, and even new friends.

One of the many curriculars at GSHS is band. The band program at Glenwood is incredible, and has won many awards for their achievements.

“I am very excited for this years band due to the amazing leadership and excitement from the kids,” said Tum Caskin, the band director at Glenwood Springs High School.

The band department at GSHS this year is thinking more comprehensively by expanding the schedule for kids who haven’t been in band and/or would like to be. Students can come in and learn an instrument and then, if they want, join symphonic band, wind ensemble, or percussion. Digital comprehension also allows students who want to expand their musical abilities beyond playing an instrument in band to do so.

“We changed the format of the schedule a little bit so that the wind ensemble and symphonic band are now combined groups, so we have one large group, which is going to help us in a few different ways,” Mr. Caskin continued to explain, “but hopefully, we’ll just have a more unified experience between percussion and wind players. That I think is just going to improve the musical experience for everybody.”

“Band is like, in my mind a hub of how things can generate, and these other classes we weave in and out of them and band so that there is well rounded musicianship, not just by people in band, but by people in all these other classes.” Caskin continues by saying,” There’s fluidity between these classes.”

Due to all of these other classes at Glenwood High School the amazing band director at Glenwood Middle school are also making improvements to their band classes. Stability and comprehensiveness are coming to bands all around Glenwood this year.

This year’s schedule includes band concerts on December 17th at 6:30pm, April 29th at 6:30pm, and May 18th. The May 18th concert will be doing the Fine Arts Week. On November 11th, the Veterans day assembly, the band will also perform a small piece in honor of the veterans.

Everything is moving in a positive direction this year with band!