Sunrise Court Fire Breaks out In Glenwood Springs


Photo taken by Allie Doak

Addison Luetke, Reporter

On Wednesday, August 28th, a fire broke out near Glenwood Springs Airport.

Both students and residents that lived nearby were affected by the fire that eventually grew to nearly 20 acres in size. No damage was done to any homes or other structures, but a charred mountainside remains. The initial blaze began around 2:30 P.M. Wednesday, and fire crews arrived around 2:45 P.M. Residents of Four Mile Ranch were almost immediately evacuated by the local fire department, as the flames were moving very quickly across the hillside.

Later that evening, residents were allowed to return to their homes once the fire was somewhat under control by the 60 firefighters from several different departments that were on the scene. The cause of the fire is still unknown and is still being investigated by the Fire Investigation Team.

“We didn’t even get an evacuation notice before my dad and I noticed that the fire was coming over the hill really close to our house,” said Allie Doak, a junior at Glenwood Springs High School, “Even then it was unreal. When you’re looking at a fire moving closer and closer to your house, it’s really hard to believe that it is actually happening.” Doak and her family evacuated their home before they were prompted to do so by the fire department. Doak explained that they didn’t have time to grab any precious belongings but they made sure to get their dogs and, of course, the chinchillas.

Aiden Senn, a Sophomore who also lives in Four Mile Ranch said, “after I first heard the news, I was shocked and realized that my family and I could potentially lose our house.” Senn was impressed with our local firefighters, and how they responded quickly and were able to control the fire. Both Doak and Senn explained how the threat of losing their homes made them realize which belongings are truly valuable to them. They both agreed that their pets, family photos, and legal documents were their most important possessions.

Thankfully Sunrise Court Fire quickly became a controlled flame and no people, animals or structures were harmed or damaged.