Murder Mystery in the Drama Department


Danie Way, Reporter

This year, Glenwood Springs High School is introducing a new and exciting production to their repertoire.

Along with the annual musical, this year the drama department is performing a fall play. The production, Murder’s In The Heir, was abandoned a few years ago due to scheduling conflicts. The interactive murder mystery will hit the Jeannie Miller Theater on Saturday, October 12th, along with a dress rehearsal/free preview on Friday, October 11th.

In this unique performance, a rich billionaire ends up dead in his mansion, making any one of his staff or guests suspects. In addition to all the excitement, at intermission the audience will be able to vote on which character they wish to see as the murderer; the students will then convey the ending coordinated with the audience’s choice. With two productions this year, the drama department has much to offer.

“We have some really strong seniors,” Mrs. Hartert states, “Curtis Madden is a very strong presence.”

Along with participating in Murder’s in the Heir, Madden is also part of a production in Aspen this fall. Mrs. Hartert also mentioned Grace Burner, the Senior President of the Thespian Group, as another important person in the department. Though Burner is not performing in the production herself, she is co-directing with Mrs. Hartert and assisting with set design, makeup, and costumes. Additionally, she mentions Kate Thulson, a senior, as an additional strong point for the department this year.

“We also have a variety of other underclassmen that are very strong and super devoted to the program,” she says, “performance wise, it is hard to go up from last year. The kids were so professional, they were so amazing, they were so disciplined.”

As for Footloose, taking place February 28th-29th and March 6th-7th, freshmen hoping to audition should expect to sing 16-32 bars of music, perform a one minute monologue, and attend a dance workshop where they will be evaluated.

Last year the drama department offered its services to over eighty students (just part of the production alone).

“Drama assists with public speaking, poise, and professionalism,” Mrs. Hartert explains, “drama creates an environment that is disciplined, which carries over to benefit the school.”

“Drama creates a sense of belonging and family,” Mr. Jensen contributes.

The school encourages everyone to be a part of drama in order to reap the benefits it can provide, or even just to go see a performance. If you are not in drama and would like to assist with the fall play, go see Mrs. Hartert. This year, the annual musical will be Footloose. If you would like to be a part of the spring musical, either see Mrs. Mcraith or Mrs. Hartert to get involved. More details will be provided in October.