Brimstone’s Top 10 Animated Movies

Brimstone Staff, Staff Report

  1. The Incredibles
  2. Monsters Inc.
  3. Toy Story
  4. Meet the Robinsons
  5. Moana
  6. Wall-E
  7. Ice Age
  8. Finding Nemo
  9. Ratatouille
  10. Cars

Honorable Mentions:

-How To Train Your Dragon


1. The Incredibles

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By: Kyley Fishman

Hidden in this action packed movie, a seemingly ordinary family hides an incredible secret. Mr. Incredible and his wife, Elastagril, were two of the greatest superhero crime fighters in the world. That is, until a lawsuit forced all supers into hiding. Now, 15 years later, Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl are known only as mundane Bob Parr and his wife Helen, along with their three kids, Jack-Jack, Violet, and Dash. Despite his wife moving on from the super life and taking care of their secret super kids, Bob still yearns for his life of being a superhero. The kids wish for for super freedom also: Dash wanting to do sports but is unable because of his superspeed, Violet just wanting to fit in but can’t because of his invisibility. Jack Jack is “normal”. Bob’s chance to become a superhero again and bring back supers comes when he is approached by a creepy government organization. Immediately, he jumps at the opportunity, but is met with betrayal and years long of anger issues from a newly risen villain Syndrome. Now, his undercover family has to save him and the world itself, all while keeping the cover of a perfect suburban family. It’ll take a super family effort to stop the destruction of the world from happening. The The Incredibles made number one on the GSHS Brimstone. The The Incredibles is a goofy, exciting movie, mixed in with emotional connections and love that only a family can have. The overall story, along with colorful characters such as Edna Mode, the superhero suit designer, and Frozone, who’s attitude is just as icy as his powers, creates individuality and charm that only this movie can truly hold. The celebration of mediocrity gives the viewers a sense of relatability, especially for the awkward teens who just can’t seem to fit in. Along with the beautiful soundtrack, art, and sharp wit, The Incredibles is an obvious choice for the first place position of Best Animated Movie.

2. Monsters Inc.

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By: James Howell

Monsters, Inc. is Pixar’s fourth feature film. It was released in 2001 and stars Billy Crystal and John Goodman. The movie takes place in a world different from that of the human world- a world filled with monsters. These monsters rely on the screams of children that fuel their energy. At Monsters Incorporated, monsters use doors that connect to children’s bedrooms in the human world. The monsters scare them to generate energy for the city. One issue is that the monsters cannot touch the children because it is “dangerous”. This becomes a cause of panic when one child, Boo, leaves her bedroom and finds herself in the monsters’ world and then ends up in the hands of two monsters: Sully and Mike. Together, Sully and Mike run all around town, encounter bad monsters, and end up in places like Nepal and Paris trying to get Boo back to her bedroom. Monsters, Inc. is one of the best Pixar movies of all time. It has such a strange and original plot and is an adventure the whole way through! The monsters have creative and unique designs as well. Like Randall, who is like a giant, slithery, chameleon with the ability to blend in with anything! And can we talk about Boo? She is arguably the cutest Pixar character ever! The movie is also very emotional. I’ll admit I shed a few tears at the end, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. Out of all animated movies, it’s no surprise that this makes the number 2 spot.

3. Toy Story

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By: Addie Luetke

Toy Story was Pixar’s first official film. It was released in 1995 and was directed by John Lasseter and Pete Docter. The movie tells the story of a little boy, Andy, and his toys. Andy loves to be in his room, playing with his toys, especially his favorite cowboy, “Woody”. Little does Andy know that when he does leave his room, his toys come to life. When Andy receives a new toy named Buzz Lightyear for his birthday, Woody loses his position as Andy’s favorite toy. Woody becomes very jealous, and even worse Buzz is an arrogant toy who believes he is a real spaceman on a mission to return to his home planet. Meanwhile Buzz accidentally falls out the window, and the rest of the toys accuse Woody of trying to kill him. The toys then have to take an adventure outside of the house to find Buzz and return to Andy’s bedroom, but while they are outside they run into a lot of trouble on their way home.

Toy Story made 3rd on the Brimstone staff top ten animated movies list because it is such a classic. It introduced us to the iconic characters, Woody and Buzz, and forever changed how we look at the life of our toys.

4) Meet The Robinsons

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By: Sophie Carnoali

Meet the Robinsons is a movie centered around the importance of family, creativity, and finding your place in the world whether it be in the past, present, or future.

Meet the Robinsons is a 2007 American computer-animated science fiction comedy film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures on March 30, 2007. The film that is loosely based on characters from the children’s book A Day with Wilbur Robinson, by William Joyce is the 47th Disney animated feature film. The Cast Includes Tom Selleck, Nicole Sullivan, Angela Bassett, and many others.

The movie follows Lewis, an orphan who is interested in inventing new things. Lewis spends countless months creating a time machine that scans your memory, in order to go back to the day that his mother gave him up to convince her not to. When presenting his time machine at his schools science fair, Lewis meets a 13 year old boy named Wilbur. Wilbur tells Lewis that he is from the future and needs to regain the memory scanner that a man in a bowler hat stole. Lewis ignores him and proceeds to demonstrate his memory scanner, however it has been sabotaged by the bowler hat guy, and it ultimately fails sending chaos into the fair. After Lewis leaves upset and humiliated, a man in the bowler hat enters and repairs and takes his invention. Wilbur once agains finds Lewis and asks him to fix the memory scanner. Lewis agrees to do so only if Wilbur can prove he is actually from the future, which Wilbur does by taking them to the year 2037 in a second time machine. When they arrive, he and Wilbur get into an argument and crash. Wilbur asks Lewis to fix the 2nd time machine which they broke, but Lewis has another condition: Wilbur has to take him to visit his mother afterwards. Reluctantly, Wilbur agrees. Lewis eventually meets the rest of Wilbur’s family, The Robinsons, except for Wilbur’s dad Cornelius who is away on a business trip. Having followed Lewis into the future The Bowler Hat Guy tries to kidnap him, however the Robinsons are able to work together to beat The Bowler Hat Guy.  The Robinsons offer to adopt Lewis, but change their mind when they learn that he is from the past. Wilbur admits to lying to Lewis about taking him back to see his mom, causing Lewis to run off. Chaos breaks loose when Bowler Hat Guy finds Lewis. Ultimately, Lewis repairs the time machine and saves the day. Then Lewis finally meets Cornelius face to face. It is revealed that Cornelius is Lewis in the future, Wilbur being Lewis’s future son and the Robinsons being his future family. Cornelius explains how the memory scanner started their successful career, and persuades Lewis to return to the science fair. Wilbur takes Lewis back, but makes one stop first: as he promised, he takes Lewis back to the moment when his mother abandoned him. Instead of confring his mother and telling her not to abandon him, Lewis just watches as his mother sets him on the stairs outside the orphanage. Lewis has realized that he doesn’t need his mother in order to be happy, because he now understands that he will be loved and have a family one day. Lewis then returns to the fair and asks for one more chance to demonstrate his scanner, which this time succeeds. He is adopted by Lucille, one of the science fair judges, and her husband Bud, who nicknames him “Cornelius” and takes him home.

The film ends with a quote from Walt Disney’s which reiterates the message of not dwelling on failures and “keep moving forward.”

The whole movie Lewis’s motive is to find his mother in order to gain a family, however he gains his family in a different way. The movie teaches us that no matter how much you search for something, the answer might come to you in the way you least expect it. Also to never give up because things will always work out how they are intended to.

Meet the Robinsons made 4th on the Brimstone Staff’s top ten favorite movies because it highlights how you might spend your life searching for one thing, but end up finding something even better in the process. Which instills hope in the audience for a better future.

Editor’s Note: Obviously Sophie Carnoali’s love for this movie is a bit much.

5. Moana

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By: Kai Kanzer

Moana is an animated children’s movie about a young adventurous island girl and daughter of the chief of her tribe. Moana’s family history comes from a long line of “navigators” who sailed around the Pacific Ocean finding islands where they can settle.

When the crops fail and her island’s fishermen can’t catch any fish, Moana learns of the demigod Maui who stole “the heart of the goddess Te Fiti”. Without the heart, the Island can’t survive. Moana then ignores her father’s request of not to set sail, and voyages to find Maui and make him restore the Heart of Te Fiti.

On her trip, the ocean teaches her secrets and how to follow her heart and follow it wherever it takes you. Throughout Moana’s childhood the ocean was calling her name. Moana wasn’t afraid to follow her heart and face her fears. Moana makes top five on our list because of its beautiful animations, amazing storyline, and lovable characters.


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By: Morgan Reed

WALL-E, short for Waste Allocation Load Life Earth-class, is the last robot left on Earth after all humans fled the planet due to the immense amount of trash they allowed to collect on the planet. WALL-E’s job is simple: to clean up the planet in hopes that the humans can return. At the beginning of the movie there is evidence of other robots exactly like the cute contraption, but it soon becomes more evident that he is the last one left.

Over the 700 years he’s been cleaning the earth one piece of trash at a time, he’s grown quite lonely. He soon befriends a resilient cockroach and creates a collection of pieces of trash he’s grown fond of. One day, another robot, EVE, or Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator, arrives, her mission is to determine how habitable Earth is. She finds a plant of WALL-E’s in an old shoe, and, with WALL-E’s help, takes it back to the ship the humans have been living on for the last several centuries as proof that life is once again sustainable on Earth. As there adventure progresses, so does their relationship, demonstrating to audiences of all ages that friendships can be found among people from all walks of life

WALL-E made 6th on the Brimstone Staff’s top ten favorite movies for it’s ever more clear relevance to our world even today. However, audience’s fall in love with the film because of the heartfelt story that was unlikely to have been forged between two robots.

7) Ice Age

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By: Henry Barth

Thousands of years ago our planet was entering an ice age, all kinds of animals began traveled south, hoping to discover warmer weather. One of three main characters, Sid a sloth who never stops talking is left behind sleeping while everyone else begins the journey to the south. When Sid awakes, he meets Manny, a mammoth who travels to the north, and decides to follow him. Later a human camp is attacked by tigers, a woman saves her baby and jumps into a river. Before she drowns, the baby is rescued by Sid and Manny. The two decide to search for the father and return the baby to him. Diego, one of the tigers that attacked the humans also comes claiming the baby is his.  Can the unlikely rescuers, Sid and Manny, find the dad of the baby before thick glaciers cover the earth?

8) Finding Nemo

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By: James Howell

Finding Nemo is Pixar’s fifth feature film. It was released in 2003 and stars Albert Brooks as Marlin and Ellen Degeneres as Dory.

Finding Nemo follows Marlin and Nemo, a father-son clownfish duo in the Great Barrier Reef. On Nemo’s first day of school, he tries to impress his new friends by swimming out and touching the bottom of a boat. Big Mistake. Two scuba divers capture Nemo. Marlin, Nemo’s father, is determined to get back to his son so he goes on the long journey to find him; *Queue title card!* Along the way, Marlin runs into Dory, a royal blue tang fish. Marlin quickly discovers that Dory has some quirks: she has short term memory loss, which serves as a problem at times. But, this doesn’t stop Marlin from trying to get his son back. Together, Marlin and Dory run into an anglerfish, three hungry sharks, and a group of crazy seagulls, to get to Nemo. Marlin and Dory end up in Sydney and are reunited with Nemo.

Finding Nemo is one of the best animated movies, particularly because of the lengths Marlin goes to rescue Nemo. He risks his life all for his son. Also, the imagery of the ocean and the way the sea creatures and coral are illustrated is beautiful with all sorts of colors! The characters are funny, like Bruce, one of the hungry sharks, and Dory! This movie is a crazy journey, one that anyone can watch a million times!

9) Ratatouille

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By: Sage Beebe

A rat named Remy gets separated from his family and ends up finding himself in Paris, France. Remy’s dream has always been to work in a kitchen as a chef. He follows his dream with the help of a human named Linguini who is a trash boy at a restaurant called Gusteau’s. Remy explores his culinary talents with the help of his new friend Linguini and learns that he is a more than exceptional cook. The movie Ratatouille ranked #9 on the top 10 animated films for the journalism class and many critics said that the movie was very happy and joyful.

10) Cars

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By: Jaymin Kanzer

Cars was released on June 9, 2006, and was produced by Walt Disney Pictures, and Pixar Animation Studios. The movie Cars follows young race car named Lightning McQueen (played by Owen Wilson) who is competing in ‘The Piston Cup’ when the top three racers, The King who is a nice old Texas car who everybody respects that is going to retire after this cup (played by Richard Petty) and Chuck Hicks who is a complete jerkface (played by Michael Keaton), all tie for 1st place in the final race. The racing community decides that there would be one more race to win The Piston Cup, but it’s all the way across the country in California. McQueen wants to get there first, to become comfortable with the track and be a step ahead of The King and Chuck. He pushes his truck, Mac to keep going, even though he is falling asleep on the road. A group of thugs, play classical music to make Mac fall asleep, and McQueen falls out. McQueen ends up in a small town called Radiator Springs, and in a hilarious sequence of events, McQueen ends up destroying the only road in the town, and his punishment is to stay and fix the road. Along the way he makes friends with all of the people of the town, including Salley (Bonnie Hunt) Doc Hudson, a legendary racer called the Hudson Hornet (Paul Newman) and everybody’s favorite tow truck Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) The Hudson Hornet teaches McQueen how to race, and how to turn right to go left on a dirt track. McQueen makes it on time for his race, and he is winning, until he sees The King go down in a big crash right before the finish line. Before going to Radiator Springs, McQueen would not have cared about this, he would have just finished the race and celebrated, but after Radiator Springs McQueen was totally changed. McQueen stops and turns around to see if the King is alright, and lets Chuck Hicks win. Cars 2 and 3 are still pretty good but nothing compares to the original Cars. It unfairly placed 10th on our list and should be ranked at least in the top 5.


Honorable Mentions: How To Train Your Dragon

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By: Gracie Stewart

How to Train Your Dragon is a heartwarming movie that shows the true meaning of friendship.

The movie is centered around a young viking who captures a Night Fury, a very rare dragon, and turns Toothless, the Night Fury, into his new found best-friend. Hiccup discovers the many weird and fascinating things about dragons.

How to Train Your Dragon is an honorable mention for many reasons, but above all, it’s an honorable mention because it teaches the valuable points of friendship and that Family is forever no matter what the circumstances may be.

Honorable Mention: Peanuts

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By: Joe Fries

Good Grief! In what can only be described as an inexplicable voting error (or lack of appreciation by a younger generation), Peanuts has been awarded an honorable mention in The Brimstone’s animated movie poll. Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the gang have been a holiday mainstay on television sets for more than half a century. While the franchise may not be as popular as it once was, even today’s youth can recognize the quote “I got a rock” from the Halloween special and have a soft spot in their hearts for Charlie Brown’s feeble tree in the Christmas special. Football fans can’t possibly forget Lucy’s cruel encouragement of a field goal only to pull the ball away as the “Blockhead” tries to boot it. My children still watch Peanuts. They watch The Peanuts Movie rather often. I imagine that their kids will, too — and so will yours.