Talent is in the Air


Taken by Kyley Fishman

Morgan Reed, Reporter

Glenwood Springs High School ended Spirit Week with a bang, showing off the talents of students from all grade levels

After classes ended on Friday, May 3, students were encouraged to head to the GSHS Jeanie Miller Theatre at 2:10 to enjoy a talent show with a plethora of performances from their classmates. The show was coordinated by Mrs. Hartert, a Drama and English teacher at the school. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place were awarded prizes at the end of the show after all of the performances were evaluated by a team of judges comprised of Mrs. Hartert, Mr. Deford, and Mr. Jensen.

The first act certainly set the bar high for the rest of the performances. A dance group called “The Village,” consisting of five students, Cadie Harrison, Olivia, Megan Quinn, Skylar McLaren, and Jenny Henry, performed original choreography to the song “Hold On,” by Chord Overstreet. The group performed the same dance at a competition in Denver with numerous other talented dancers and took home third place. The inspiration behind the performance was to spread awareness for suicide and mental illnesses among teens. The highlight of the dance was no doubt when a gasp was heard throughout the theatre as Quinn was hoisted onto McLaren’s shoulders, and then dropped behind her and caught by the other dancers.

The group tied for 2nd place with Garen and Blake, who played a duet of Purple Rain by Prince on their electric guitars

The performer to take home first prize was Jacob Fowler, who sang David Bowie’s “Space Odyssey,” while playing guitar. This was Fowler’s third talent show at GSHS and first win. The crowd seemed to be in awe at his nearly flawless rendition of the iconic song, and so it was no surprise when he landed first place. He blew away all of the other singing acts and treated the audience with a simple, heartfelt, and simple recreation of the song.

Another performance to remember was that of last year’s talent show winner, Curtis Madden. Last year he sang Bo Burnham’s song, “Lower Your Expectations.” This year the audience was treated with a reenactment of the popular dance from the movie “Napoleon Dynamite.” Madden walked onto the stage not only to dance but to perform as if he had become the character. He even was even wearing the character’s notorious “Vote for Pedro” t-shirt. Although he didn’t take home first, his rendition of the dance will not soon be forgotten.

Another jaw-dropping performance came from Sebastian Arreola, who sang the song, “Wish You Were Gay,” by Billie Eilish. His motivation for the song was to commemorate the singer’s unique fashions choices that only she can pull off. Arreola has developed a passion for fashion over the years and is fairly involved in the art department at the school as well.

Ten to fifteen minutes were shaved off each class period to make room for the show, and students had their first three class periods before lunch instead of having two before lunch and two after. Next year is sure to hold even more amazing talent and surprises.