After Prom Preview


Sophie Carnoali, Editor

Most students spend and an average of 100 dollars on a dress or a tuxedo, $30 on dinner, and $35 on a ticket to attend prom — and by the time it’s over they can’t wait to get out.

After Prom is a student-body and parent-organized event held at the high school after the prom dance, until about 2 a.m.

The purpose of After Prom is to decrease the levels of partying and accidents and increase the safety of not only students but for the community as well. After Prom gives students a safe place to still have a good time. Students are required to attend the prom dance to go to After Prom, due to some of their ticket cost going towards the expenses at After Prom.

Students typically change between the dance and After Prom. They are also required to be breathalyzed when they enter the building, and can not leave. If students leave, they cannot re-enter.

Seniors from Glenwood Springs High School aren’t shy about sharing why they like After Prom and what to expect.

“I like how you can win prizes,” Senior Kai Kanzer said. “Last year I won $50. I also liked playing poker.”

Jolie DeRosa, a member of the student council, suggest that students come to After Prom because of all of the fun activities provided.

“I like the inflatables and looking at the senior boards is cool,” said DeRosa. “There are lots of fun snacks, like a chocolate fountain. There will be a lot of inflatables and raffle giveaways, prizes, and music.”

Senior Teresa Busk likes all of the free stuff and prizes that are given away, last year she won $100 and a couple of gift cards.

“They give free stuff, and it gives kids more opportunities to do things besides parties or going home. There’s a lot of bouncy houses, and such good food and deserts,” said Busk. “I would highly suggest for people to go to After Prom. “

Last year the big prize of the night were two brand new MacBook Pros. The highly anticipated raffle and prizes make the staying up until 2 a.m. worth it. There is something for everyone at After prom, whether it is inflatables, games, or food. The food won’t disappoint and neither will the activities or prizes. Come to After prom to not only win amazing prizes but to also have an unforgettable night with your friends. Even if the dance was a bust, you have until 2 a.m. to improve your night and have a great time, and maybe even win a MacBook Pro.