sports on prom week

sports on prom week

Henry Barth


The GSHS Office has scheduled prom this weekend on Saturday, thinking they would avoid all sporting events for that weekend.  Unfortunately, there is a WSL Championship track meet all Friday and Saturday in Grand Junction,a JV Baseball game in Fruita on Saturday, and a playoff rugby game, at 3:00 in Willits.  Many athletes will be rushing back from their sporting events to make sure they catch prom pictures and dinner. Although the GSHS student council addressed this issue multiple times, the office didn’t feel the need to change the time, making prom week more stressful and rushed for track, rugby, and baseball athletes.  


The Glenwood Springs rugby captains explain that they are split on whether to skip or leave early from their game to avoid missing one of the essential parts of prom, the pictures.  Captains Axel and Omar explain, “I know that we will make it to the dance, but I just wish we could have moved the game to an earlier time or change to date of prom. I don’t want to be worried about missing pictures or dinner during our game.” and “We also want to have time to clean up, you know, take a shower and stuff like that.  If our game runs longer than expected, we might have to go to prom all sweaty.”.


Both captains make great arguments on how prom is interfering with sports this year.  Not only do rugby athletes have to worry about this issue, but track athletes are also divided between staying in Grand Junction for their whole track meet until 5 or possibly skipping events to make it to prom pictures and dinner.  


Glenwood Springs track coach, Blake Risner explains, “I feel really strongly that the meet will end on time or even earlier, and athletes who are in events near the end of the meet will make it back hopefully on time for every part of prom.” and  “Unfortunately if the meat does run longer than expected, athletes could miss parts of the before prom activities.”.


Star senior, Wyatt Ewer doesn’t find the need to worry about this problem, Dalton– put in what Wyatt said, so it is not as byas.  Also Jacob said we could ask him questions so you should write them in hear so I can ask him.


Overall the 2019 prom is going to interfere with many different sporting events and will potentially make it difficult for athletes to compete and make it to pictures and dinner on time.  Although sports teams are allowing athletes to skip or leave early form their games, athletes could still feel the need to stay and support their team instead of leaving for prom. Athletes may be forced to make a moral choice this Saturday between prom and sports.