Promposals at Glenwood Springs High

Promposals at Glenwood Springs High

Addison Luetke and Kai Kanzer, Reporters

Prom is just around the corner and students couldn’t be more excited. It is the season for students to get creative in asking their dates to the dance.

At GSHS we have seen many different promposals over the past few weeks, some original and some not so original… Sierra McKinney took a different approach than most people when asking her boyfriend, Jackson Kruse, to be her date to prom.

She even got officers Hassel and Dietrich involved. McKinney told us that Kruse was called over the loudspeaker to report to the office. He went down to the office, where both officers were awaiting him and then led him to their office by the auditorium. The officers sat Kruse down and explained to him that they had caught him blowing the stop sign in the student parking lot 11 times in the past few weeks. Dietrich started pulling up the security cameras on his computer and they told Kruse that he is going to have to go to court due to the fact that he has made so many violations. “Right then,” McKinney said, “ I popped up outside the window of their office and held up a sign that read, ‘It would be a crime if you refused to go to prom with me.’ He was beyond nervous while they were talking to him, but once he saw me, he just started laughing.”

You cannot really get more creative than that, but there have been many other promposals in the halls of our school. Last week, Luis Martinez, a junior at GSHS, created a proposal for his girlfriend, Isabelle Rattin. His poster said, ‘My heart would fry if you didn’t go to prom with me.’ Martinez also used fries to spell out “Prom?”. Rattin was very surprised and is excited for the weekend full of prom festivities. Ryan Ortega, a student who graduated from GSHS last year, and now attends CMU as a freshman asked his girlfriend, Michelle Marshall, to be his date to prom on Saturday. Ortega made a sort of “scavenger hunt” for Marshall, he made posters with clues that led her to a room with sparklers and lights spelling, “Prom”, and of course she said yes! “It was kind of last minute,” Marshall said, “but I am super excited with the group that we are going with and I am glad he is so creative.” There’s still time to get a last minute date if you still need one, but be creative with your promposals!

It’s awesome that students are becoming so creative in their ideas. This allows for prom to be more exciting, and the school to become more involved in its tradition. Like Sierra McKinney proved, promposals don’t have to be the typical boy asks a girl. Prom is a time where students can go all out, especially seniors because Saturday is their last prom.