Prom: is it Worth it?


Kyley Fishman, Head Editor/Chief

Prom is an exciting time of the year, a rite of passage that is one of the highlights for American teens. Glenwood Springs students look forward to the night every year, yet, the amount of money spent could put an early May Shower on the Paris themed festivities.

It all begins with the infamous ‘promposal’, and if all (hopefully) goes well, it’ll continue with an onslaught of other costly arrangements, from the tickets, the dress, hair, and even the nails.

This year, Glenwood Springs Prom Ticket prices are starting at quite a shiny penny. A ticket for a single is 35$ and a ticket for a couple is 50$.

“To me, the ticket prices are a bit much,” said Alexis Simpson, a junior. “My dress was already up to 152$. Prom is so expensive, with the dress, shoes, makeup, and hair. If you have to buy all those things, like me, it can add up to a lot. It’s a lot of money for one night.”

On average, a student can spend anywhere between 500$-1000$ for prom. Many don’t think that the prices are reasonable, especially for students.

“The tickets are expensive, especially with the tuxes, heels, hair and makeup, all that, “ said Pilar Melendez. “The prices keep increasing.” She had spent 280$ on her dress alone.

For many students, spending such a large amount of money on things that are probably going to be worn only once can be a bit of an overkill.

While the cost of tickets may add on to the growing total, there is a lot of work that goes into making prom the so-called “perfect night”, work that needs to be funded.

“Junior officers have complete jurisdiction over prom, especially prices for tickets,” said former school Vice President, Senior Ashley Weir. “Essentially, planning Prom is very costly. Venues range anywhere from $3-5,000. DJs run around $1000. All of that doesn’t even include the cost of decorations, fees from venues or DJs, and posters/tickets. In order to make a profit from prom, which doesn’t get as large of attendance as Homecoming, Junior officers have to compensate for all of that by increasing ticket prices.”

Nevertheless, despite the raised costs of tickets, students are still willing to pay for them. The memories and good times overshadow the cost.

“I love prom so I’d pay whatever I have to,” said senior Jolie DeRosa. “Prom is a fun event to dress up for and spend time with friends, as well as just have fun and let go!”

“I like hanging out with my friends and getting dressed up,” said Hannah Worline “ I don’t know if it’s worth it, and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything to me, but it’s fun and I have a good time!”

Prom is no doubt expensive to attend, however, good or bad, it is a special night. It is a stepping stone for the soon to be graduates, creating a picturesque closure for the dedicated four years.

Glenwood Springs High School’s Paris prom will be held May 4th.