Billie Eilish’s anti-pop album hits the charts

Sophie Carnoali, Editor

The so called pop star of generation x is surprisingly an anti-pop star.

Billie Eilish is an American pop singer whose style does not particularly fit under pop, but instead anti-pop. Meaning popular music that is anything but pop, and does not conform to typical styles of music. Her songs include themes of rock, techno, and even ukulele.

Eilish released her debut album “When we all fall asleep, where do we go” March 29th of this year. At age 17, Elish charted 14 songs on the Hot 100 as she debuts at No. 1 on the billboard 200. Eilish made history as the youngest female solo artist to score a No. 1 UK album.

The album starts with a track titled “!!!!!,” which consists of a recording of Eilish’s voice welcoming you to the album also cracking a joke about her invisalign braces. From, songs touching on Eilish’s friends being wrapped up in drug use, to a song with special guests from “The Office”, this album has it all.

When first hearing the song tiled “xanny,” I thought it was going to be another song about drugs, however that was not the case. Elish takes a unique and quite relatable approach to the topic of teenage drug use. Elish’s lyrics talk about being the only one in a crowd not participating in drug use. Some of the lyrics say “I’m in their second hand smoke, Still just drinking canned coke, I don’t need a xanax to feel better.” In this song Eilish used her platform to connect with kids who deal with peer pressure on a daily basis. In high school especially, it can be difficult to stay away from such things as alcohol and drugs when everyone is doing them and every song you hear on the radio talks about getting drunk or high with your friends. To me, Eilish’s approach sends a positive message that you don’t need to fall into peer pressure to have a good time.

Eilish’s song titled “Ilomilo,” is based off of the microsoft puzzle game “Ilomilo.” Eilish’s song is about the fear of separation. In a “Hot Ones” interview Eilish released her inspiration behind the song.

“I used to play ilomilo a lot.” Eilish states. “I loved ilomilo, that was like my favourite game in the world. It’s this game where it’s these two little creatures – one is named ilo and the other’s named milo. It’s this sort of anti-gravity world where there’s all these little blocks and they start apart from each other. The idea is you just get to each other and when they get to each other they just hug, there’s no prize. “So the whole idea of the game is just losing the person you love and then finding them again.”

The song is the concept of the game “Ilomilo,” as well as you can hear the sound effects of the game “Ilomilo” within the song.

Eilish concludes the album with three songs, the first titled “listen before I go,” the second “I love you,” and the third titled “goodbye.” Eilish revealed that the three songs are placed in a specific order to create the sentence “listen before I go, I love you, goodbye.” Which reveals that Eilish not only took time to make sure each song had meaning, but also strategically placed each song in the album to create even more meaning.

Overall, I was highly impressed  with the album. The meaning behind it all and the positive messages sent, reminds the audience of how music can not only be used as an art form but a method of inspiration. For being 17, Eilish is using her platform to offer support to other teeangers like herself, to spread the message that no one is alone.