An Original Remake of Dumbo

Addison Luetke, Reporter

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Disney brings the famous flying elephant, Dumbo, back to life in the new 2019 film.

“Dumbo” is a remake of Disney Pixar’s movie that was released in 1941, and the big change in the new film is that instead of being animated, live elephants are used to tell the story of the baby elephant whose oversized ears help him to fly, and save the struggling family business at the circus.

The new film was a lot more emotionally triggering than expected, and it really brings out the inner child in all of us. The story of the newborn elephant really just makes you want to hug him and never stop. The “villain” in the movie, played by Michael Keaton, tries to ruin Dumbo’s life when two little kids and their father help to save him.

The story begins when a World War One veteran, Holt Farrier, returns home to his father in law, Max Medici and his two children, Milly and Joe after his wife had just passed. Their family circus has run into some financial troubles and they have a pregnant elephant on their hands. When the baby was born with abnormally large ears, Medici refused to let the public see them, but in the newborn’s debut performance at the circus, his ears are accidentally revealed and the crowd named him “Dumbo” in a mocking manner. He continues to ruin many performances after that one, and when the children are comforting him about it, they discover that he can use his big ears to fly. Later, in another performance that Dumbo is flying in he gets distracted by his mom and they end up terrorizing the circus tent and causing quite the embarrassment for the business. This ends up getting Dumbo and his mother separated, which breaks his and many other’s hearts. The story goes on and the “villain” tries to capture Dumbo and use him as “the famous flying elephant”, but it all comes to an end when the Farrier family helps save Dumbo.

The story is very touching and really points out the fact that family is important and you are nothing without them. Dumbo the flying elephant will really inspire you to be yourself and the movie will make you both laugh and cry all over the place!