GSHS Mock Team Brings Home the Win at Regionals


Dalton Deter, Reporter

Glenwood Springs High School ran the table with the opposition at the regional Mock Trial competition at the Garfield County Court House last weekend.

GSHS Team 2 embraced the underdog role and pulled off the upset to take first place at the regional competition. Bridget Carrington, Libby Claassen, Omar De La Cruz, Jaymin Kanzer, Kate Malloy, William Marshall, Grace Oliver, Nicole Powell, Sophia Vigil, and Lilly Webber.

Claassen was awarded Best Attorney and Best Witness for her performance in the regional win. Marshall and Webber also won awards for Best Witness. Malloy also took home an award for Best Attorney.

“I haven’t had much success on teams I’ve been on, so being on this team has been so much fun,” sophomore Jaymin Kanzer said. “Now that we’re actually starting to win, and we have a chance to compete at the state tournament, it’s great.”

Not only did the second team come out on top, but the GSHS Team 1 also took second place.

Annika Bucchin, a member of Team 1 says “I’m really excited and I hope we do very well in state.”

Brittainy Gutierrez, Annika Bucchin, Pilar Melendez, Kate Shanahan, Linnaea Petterson, Reed Flentge, Taylor Colton, Anna Carrington qualified for the state competition with their runner-up showing.

Mock Trial is a program in which students use their knowledge of specific rules of evidence to compete in competition trials. The competitors start by learning the rules of competition and evidence and then using that knowledge to compete against other teams. In these competitions, judges score teams based on how well they know the rules of evidence and how well they use it.

Team 2 had a great start at regionals and learned that they were leading heading into the final round of competition. All they had to do was stick to what they practiced, and finish strong.

“When they announced that we had won, we gave hugs and high fives. Then we took a picture and sat down. It was really professional,” said Kanzer.

For those who are thinking about heading into mock trial you just have to be ready to be challenged.

Willy Marshall puts it in perspective saying “There’s much work involved and it’s very time-consuming.”

Although it can be a bit of a burden, mock trial is infamous for having all different types of students come together for the program. People whom you would usually never see together on a regular school day are laughing and working together as a team. Grace Oliver says this is her favorite part of the program.

She says “People who would never be friends become friends because of Mock Trial.”

This gives new students and/or students who just want to meet some new people wonderful opportunities to make new life-long friends.

Powell also claims that Team 3, which is entirely made up of freshman, is doing quite well.
She says “Team 3 is being really strong this year.”
We here at the GSHS Brimstone wish all of you the best of luck at state!