CHSAA introduces Esports as pilot activity


Leonardo Anchondo

In a time when Esports has been at its peak, Colorado now prepares to tread new territory as the fast growing Esports industry continues to expand. On February 14, in a move that no one could have seen coming, CHSAA board of directors approved Esports as a pilot activity.


The move was approved this past Wednesday, which will allow for competitive play to begin this upcoming fall. Esports will allow for students to participate in school activities as it will provide the same opportunities as regular sports offered by schools all around. Although the approval of Esports in Colorado High Schools will only be a pilot activity, if it runs smoothly and everything goes as planned, Esports could be officially sanctioned by 2022. If completely sanctioned, there would be no classifications or traveling in order to allow students from rural areas to compete against students from other areas such as Denver. All this in an effort to get more students to participate in school sponsored activities. The Pilot season will be ran by the company PlayVS, who has already completed an initial season with 5 different states. According to CHSAA, 41 percent of the students who had competed on the Esports teams had never participated in a school sponsored activity before.  


League of Legends, Rocket League and Smite are the games that will be offered for the time being. If this move manages to get sanctioned, it could completely change the way high school activities are viewed.