Super Bowl ‘Entertainment’ Review

Sophie Carnoali, Editor in Chief

Imagine paying $3,000+ for a field goal and a Maroon 5 concert, if you can even call it that.

On Sunday, February 3rd, was Super Bowl LIII, between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams. The halftime show was performed by Maroon 5 with special guests Travis Scott and Big Boi. The show was a mixture of pop, rap, and a little bit of Spongebob.

The performance began with a clip from the Super Bowl episode of Spongebob, unfortunately it was cut off by a bad graphic of an asteroid heading towards the super bowl stadium, which led into Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode.” I was disappointed to say the least, due to myself rather listening to Spongebob than listening to Sicko Mode. Whoever decided to mix Spongebob, Travis Scott, and Maroon 5 had no sense of what halftime entertainment should sound like.

The obvious age and style gap between people like Adam Levine and Travis Scott was very obvious as you watched Adam Levine dancing like a middle age dad next to Travis scott, proceeding to not know a single word of the song. To make up for his lack of rap knowledge, Adam Levine took out his guitar and played random cords to a rap song. It sounded like the makings of a teenage boy band in their parents garages.

Usually with these types of things, people believe that if you throw a choir or drumline band behind anything it makes it ten times better, that was true in this case due to the lack of previous entertainment. The only poorly chosen part of this section of the show was Levine’s outfit. A shirt that weirdly resembled a household pillow in front of rows of people wearing choir robes and band uniforms.

But the shirt didn’t make the mainstage for that long, before Levine took off his shirt, bodyrolled, and began to strut on stage. I think we can all agree that Levine should leave the strutting to his wife and model, Behati Prinsloo. And as for the shirtless body rolling he should leave that to no one because everyone felt uncomfortable, except for middle aged women.

The next moment was one of the few normal and actually entertaining moments of the show, when Levine sung a slow song while people released lit lanterns into the air. But yet again another good part of the show was ruined when it was interrupted by Big Boi rapping in the back of a convertible with a fur coat on. Levine then proceeded to yet again awkwardly join in a rap song that he didn’t know the lyrics to, then finally the monstrosity ended.

I believe within the whole 10 minutes of the show Adam Levine sung a total of three of his own songs. I thought this was supposed to be a Maroon 5 halftime performance not 10 minutes of Levine jumping around pretending to be in a cover band. Overall, they should have just had Lady Gaga jump and catch a football again.