Marvel’s Stan Lee dies at age 95


Sophie Carnoali, Editor

Marvel’s own superhero dies.

Comic book writer Stan Lee passed away November 12th, 2018 at the age of 95. Stan Lee was born December 28th, 1922 in Manhattan New York as Stanley Lieber. Growing up Lee enjoyed writing and thinking creatively. Young Lee made his comic-book debut with ” Captin America Foils the Traitor’s Revenge,” in 1941, using the pseudonym Stan Lee, which years later he would adopt as his legal name. In 1942, Lee enlisted in the United States Army. While in the army he received letters from the editors at Timely comics, telling him what they wanted to be written and by when. Lee would write stories and send them back to be published. In the late 1950s, the first superheroes Lee created were The Fantastic Four. This led Lee to work with Marvel illustrators to create the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, the X-men, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, and Lee’s most famous character Spider-man. With the help of Jack Kirby, Lee pieced together his superheroes and past superheroes, to put together The Avengers. Lee soon became the public face and figurehead for Marvel Comics and Studios.

Not only did Stan Lee have an impact on the world of comics and entertainment but also on the lives of individuals, including students at GSHS.

Teresa Busk

Marvel movies combined my two favorite genres, action and comedy. After Stan Lee’s passing, I don’t want the Marvel movies to change in how they are written and directed, because it was done so well and has created some of my favorite movie characters. Stan Lee was good at making superheroes heroes with added human aspects to them, so ordinary people could relate to them. It’s also taught people that everyone is not perfect, and even heroes have their imperfections. Black Widow has always been my favorite Stan Lee character because she is a major female character that is in multiple movies and has a strong presence, which shows people my age and younger that girls can be superheroes too. I hope that from now on comics will continue to build off what Stan Lee started, with his memory involved.

Rockett Perrin

I grew up idolizing Spiderman similar to most young boys. I look up to this fictional character derived from Stan Lee’s imagination. I often find myself basing my hard decisions on what Spider-Man would do. I think that without Stan Lee, I would be a completely different person, making different decisions. I think that Stan Lee has established such a successful mold for what superheroes should be and that mold will never be lost.

Hannah Worline

Stan Lee’s movies and his work were my entire childhood. It’s a way I connected with my dad because he and I loved Marvel. Stan Lee had a way of making Marvel comics and movies full of action, but also comedic. Which was always the perfect mixture. I just loved Stan Lee. Seeing his cameos in all of the Marvel movies will always fill my heart with joy. I believe that after Stan Lee, comics will evolve, but I do believe creators will keep in mind Stan Lee’s model and vision and pay homage to them. Stan Lee’s work will always be iconic, and his style will never go away.

Roy Thomas, who is taking Lee’s place as Editor in Chief believes that he was ready to go.

“However, he was still talking about doing more cameos. He was always up to do some more cameos. He got a kick out of those more than anything else.”

Stan Lee will make his final cameo in this summer’s Spider-Man Far from Home. Stan Lee’s Signature sign-off was “Excelsior,” when asked to define the word Lee would respond “onward and upward to greater things.” Stan Lee’s impact will continue to carry on and impact people of all ages. This is not the end of Stan Lee, his memory will live on through the hero’s he created. Excelsior!