The Newest Club at Glenwood Springs High School says Bonjour!

The Newest Club at Glenwood Springs High School says Bonjour!

Jackie Vargas, Reporter

Hoping to find student’s inner Francophile, Le Cercle Francais has opened as one of GSHS’s newest clubs.

Wendy-Ann Hamrick, Glenwood SPring HIgh School’s new French teacher, is faculty sponsor for the student led group by the name of Mia Lemkau. Lemkau fell in love with the exquisite views, old architecture and delicious desserts Paris had to offer her on her visit to France. Lemkau decided to bring some of that to GSHS and share her Francophone with others by creating the French club. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to learn about the French language, culture and more French speaking countries.

According to Hamrick, the highlight of the first meeting was a fun game of Monopoly. “It was a old board game left by a former teacher, so old that the currency in the game was Francs – a currency replaced by the Euro in 1999!”


At the second meeting, students got to try French desserts, crepes and macaroons. They have fun activities and ideas for future meetings. Such as: watching a French movie, a possible restaurant outing, and guest speakers.

Hamrick hopes students develop an interest and love for the language and cultures of Francophone countries. “I want students to enjoy themselves and to have fun,” she said. “If students walk out of these events with a desire to come back, I think we are doing a great job!”


If you would like to join the French Club, please contact Ms. Hamrick or stop by room 1405.