Mock Trial Team Sends Eight to Compete in Georgia

Photo taken by Linnaea Petterson

Photo taken by Linnaea Petterson

Kyley Fishman, Head Editor/Chief

The Glenwood Springs Varsity Mock team tried to bring the fire in their first competition of 2018-19, but it was extinguished near the end of the trials. The GSHS Mock team is the most successful in Colorado state history, going to State 24 years in a row, claiming seven state championships. The team is a fixture at the state and competition and any Colorado Mock teak that wants to go through to national competition has to go through Glenwood first.


“We dedicate full days to mock… often times from 9am to 9pm on Sundays,” said Pilar Melendez, an attorney and witness for the Mock team, and one of the eight who went. “We have learned to argue objections and case laws because we dedicate time… all we use are exhibits and legal pads and we trying the whole case without hesitation. It all comes from practice.” She wishes to continue in law after high school, and who’s earned scholarship money from Colorado Bar Association through Mock.


There is a total of 32 teams who competed in this years Nationals invitation, more known as Empire, made up of only the best teams from the chosen states. The competition itself rotates from three different sports every year- New York, San Francisco, and of course, Atlanta, Georgia.

The crime argued this year was a hate crime, more specifically one of where a Native is almost beat to death by a Nationalist in a peace protest. Glenwood stood strong in their arguments, despite the arrange of judges and each of their unique styles of ruling and interpreting court rules. However, the team veered away from their goal of first place, instead coming seventh in their division.


But practice makes perfect for the GSHS Mock, and their defeat in Georgia will urge them to continue trying harder, and continue getting better. As the coaches, Victor Zerbi, and Charlie Willman, would say, “no one can teach you passion, composure, dedication, and excellence. You learn it, embody it, and that’s your gift.”


The eight Varsity that went were – Pilar Melendez, Kate Shanahan, Reed Flentge, Linnaea Petterson, Brittany Gutierrez, Annika Bucchin, WIllow Walden, and Anna Carrington.