Novy Nabs First Professional Acting Role in “A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum”

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Novy Nabs First Professional Acting Role in “A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum”

James Howell, Reporter

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Watch out Broadway, because Blake Novy is coming your way!

Novy, a Senior at Glenwood Springs High School, is no stranger when it comes to the stage. Novy, first got interested in theatre when the high school put on the production of Anything Goes back in 2016. It was his choir teacher who had been pestering him about the musical and drove him to audition. Since then, Blake has been in seven musical productions, including the recent Vaudeville show, A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum, premiering every Friday through Sunday until October 28.

The musical-comedy centers a Roman slave, Pseudolus, who is fighting for his freedom by becoming a matchmaker for his master’s son, Hero. Hero promises that if Pseudolus gets a woman to fall in love with him, he will free Pseudolus from slavery. The story spirals into mayhem as people grow suspicious of Hero and Pseudolus’ plans.

Novy plays a Protean, who is a guard for the master at one time of the play and a Roman soldier for the other. This role has allowed Novy to play a few different parts within the same play, which has served him many lessons about professional acting.

“I think a lot of what I’ve learned from this musical is acting with the adults; one of the greatest gifts has been learning from what the professional actors who have been doing this for their entire lives,” Novy stated. “Also, working with John Goss was just amazing for me, and he is one of the greatest directors and people I have ever met. What I’ve learned from being at the Vaudeville is being part of the ensemble, being supportive, making sure the focus is on this person for this part, making sure this person gets their costume changed, which has taught me a lot. Plus this is my first professional show, which is a great new learning experience for me.”

John Goss is the artistic/managing director, as well as a “Vaudevillian”, a person who writes and stars in Vaudeville shows. Goss started his musical/theatre career when he joined the Albuquerque boy’s choir in 1976, where he became a soprano and represented the US on a European tour. Afterward, he decided to pursue acting with his community theatre and performed in 20 different productions. Goss hopped around the US and performed in 100+ vaudeville shows. He even did productions on cruise ships! Blake Novy plans to follow Goss’ footsteps in becoming a professional actor.

“I want to try to go be a professional actor, hopefully on Broadway, we’ll see how that goes,” Novy said. “For people who want to pursue acting, you have to be able to commit. If you love to act, you will find ways to do it. Find the thing you’re passionate about because if you love the thing you’re doing, you won’t really work a day in your life. Instead, you’ll always be having fun.”