New Teachers Welcomed at Glenwood Springs High School (Continued)

Jackie Vargas, Reporter

Eager to begin her new role at GSHS, French and ELD teacher Wendy-Ann Hamrick hopes to expose more students to the richness of French culture. Surprisingly, as a teen, her least favorite subject was French and according to Hamrick, was terrible at it. As a punishment, her mother sent her on a trip to France at the age of sixteen where she discovered her passion for France, it’s language and culture. To Hamrick, as a French teacher it’s important for her students to feel supported and encouraged throughout their High School journey. Hamrick believes students need to have the opportunity to be pushed to succeed and grow as a person throughout High School. Therefore, she hopes that by the end of year, she’s effectively inspired students to learn more about the French culture and in doing so help her students grow as young adults.

Hamrick poses next to the Eiffel Tower


Now in her second year of teaching, Devon Gorman is a new math teacher at GSHS. Gorman is fascinated by the culture and nature Glenwood Springs has to offer, and loves the new atmosphere at Glenwood Springs High School. She believes it’s important for her students to realize that they’re truly capable of whatever they set their mind to. Not being discouraged by failure and mistakes is something she tries to introduce to her students every day. As a teacher, she hopes that she’s able to grasp something positive out of each day. With a mind full of positivity, confidence and happiness like Gorman’s, we are thrilled to see the kind of prosperity she will bring to our school and community!


Nathaniel White, a fluent Portuguese speaker, loves to bike, hike and kayak in and around the roaring fork valley. In 10th year of teaching, he is now an English II,  AP Literature and Language teacher at Glenwood Springs High School. He hopes that by the end of the year, he has increased students’ engagement towards school activity. Not only student’s engagement towards school, but also student’s engagement towards their peers to create and expand learning communities.

White, ever passionate about teaching, says “Even if I’d won the lottery, I’d still be a teacher.”

Nathaniel White


After teaching outdoor education for nine years, Benjamin Roberts takes a break from outdoor ed and is now a new English I, Geography and World Cultures’ teacher at Glenwood Springs High School. After living in Boulder, Colorado, for 18 years, Roberts picked up and moved to Glenwood Springs. Roberts fell in love with the fact that there’s so much culture and so much nature in just one, small place. As a first year teacher, he wants to help his students realize that the world is what they make of it and also truly hopes that his students leave his classroom every day with new knowledge and feeling wiser within themselves. Along with the inspiration he hopes to spark within students, he would personally like to grow as a teacher and just get some time on the slopes.