“Crazy Rich Asians” Provides Both Laughs and Important Commentary

Sophie Carnoali, Reporter

Crazy Rich Asians reminds us to eat all of our chicken nuggets because there are children starving in America.

Not only is Crazy Rich Asians a unique spin on a RomCom, but it is also important in this day and age. The entire cast is of Asian descent, and tackles topics like racial discrimination, the division between Chinese and Chinese Americans, and how Americans have the wrong perceptions of Asia.

The movie follows Rachel Chu, a Chinese American living in New York, who follows her boyfriend; Nick Young, to Singapore for his best friend’s wedding. Not only does Crazy Rich Asians illustrate the pressures of meeting your significant other’s parents, but also what it’s like to find out that your significant other is keeping a huge secret from you. That he is crazy rich! If only that was always the case!  Nick Young’s family isn’t just rich, they are one of the wealthiest families in all of Asia. Although, they aren’t your average billionaires. They are old money rich. They began making money in Singapore when it was “just a jungle!” So you can imagine Rachel’s surprise when she finds out her Forever 21 red dress isn’t going to cut it.

Americans go to see Crazy Rich Asians to seek comedic relief, when in actuality the movie is really laughing at them. A dinner table scene illustrates the misconceptions that Americans make about Asia. Rachel Chu observes her best friend’s father acting like he has a Chinese accent, just to find out he’s joking and actually has no accent. He then proceeds to tell his daughters to “eat [their] chicken nuggets,” because “there’s a lot of children starving in America.” mocking America’s ignorance about Asia. The ironic humor in Crazy Rich Asians gives Americans a view into their false assumptions about other countries. Crazy Rich Asians is a movie that everyone should see, as it highlights these misconceptions and stereotypes through humor and sarcasm.

The cast of Crazy Rich Asians pose for a full cast shot

Crazy Rich Asians illustrates a clear separation between Chinese and American Chinese. The movie explores the conflict between Chinese culture and Chinese American culture. Nick Young’s family is Chinese, but Rachel Chu is Chinese American. Chinese values are very strong, they believe that men should marry a high standing Chinese girl to support the family’s name and reputation. So when Nick Young brings home Rachel, his mother is not pleased. She believes that Chinese Americans are a disgrace to the Chinese culture due to their Americanized values. Crazy Rich Asians gives outsiders a chance to understand the conflict between the two cultures and the effects on each side.   

Overall Crazy Rich Asians is a story of love and family, and the lengths to which someone will go for both. This movie will make you laugh, cry, and applaud the creator behind it. 2018 has so far been a great year for racial representation at the movies. Black Panther released in February with an entire cast of African descent, and now with Crazy Rich Asians having a cast made up of people with Asian descent. Crazy Rich Asians is a win for representation. The only questions audience members have are: why did it take so long to make this movie and how soon until a sequel? Hopefully soon! This movie will do nothing but inspire you. So watch out, racial representation is breaking through.