2018-19 Student Council Policy Preview

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2018-19 Student Council Policy Preview

Dalton Deter, Reporter

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Going into the 2018-19 school year, new Student Body President Ashley Weir and her administration hope to make sweeping changes within the GSHS community. Issues such as dress code, student involvement in organized activities, assembly frequency, and having a more student lead government are all on student council’s agenda.

To start off the year, the student council hosted an assembly that involved many games that required student participation hoping to build excitement for the upcoming year. Weir makes it clear that her administration are planning many more assemblies like this, but with a greater variety of music, games, and events. Weir gathered these ideas from her time spent in Chile, where she says she experienced many different types of music and games.

Another development for the upcoming year is a brand new rewards system that aims to increase student participation in school events, dubbed by the council as the “point system”.

According to Student Body Vice President Hanna Spencer, “The goal with the system is to create a better sense of unity within each class”

The system utilizes events such as assemblies, homecoming float making, annual class window paintings, and more to give points to each grade depending on how well they did in that particular event, with a prize for whichever class has the most points by the end of the year. The council is unsure what the prize will be, but assures students it will be “worth it”.

One financial change brought by the new administration will be the donation of all profits brought by council activities will go to The Thirst Project, a non-profit organization which builds wells in countries with little access to clean fresh water. This initiative would make GSHS the leading donor for the non-profit’s current project: building a well in Swaziland.  

The final project Weir’s administration will tackle is another guest speaker assembly, similar to last year’s appearance by climate activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. The council declined to reveal who the speaker will or when the assembly will take place.