New Teachers Welcomed at Glenwood Springs High School


Kyley Fishman, Head Editor/Chief


A great teacher takes a hand and opens the minds of students.

This year of 2018-19 holds new blood. GSHS has twelve new teachers joining our ranks, and each one of them hold new attributes that’s sure to make the school year fresh and exciting.

Pace Bolling

Confidence, critical thinking, and communication are three values our new Spanish II teacher, Pace Bolling, instills in her students every day. Bolling, originally a technical writer for NASA in the 1970’s, is now teaching four Spanish II classes, one Spanish IV class, and one Native Speakers II class. In her 31st year of teaching, she hopes that by the end of the year all her students successfully test into the next section of Spanish. Bolling not only hopes this of her students, but for them to feel confident in Spanish, both spoken and written. She originally lived in Kansas City, Missouri, but moved here to be a proud grandmother of a little girl named Eleanor. Bolling loves the nature in Colorado, and if she won the lottery, “she’d pay off the house and play on the river for the rest of her life,” she says

Elissa Mastel, a proud Gemini, and a last meal choice of a steak with lobster tail from the Pom Surf and Turf, garlic mashed potatoes, cream spinach, and a desert of Tiramisu on the side, is excited to be joining the teaching team of GSHS. In her second year of teaching, she hopes to get to know as many students as she can. She believes student and teacher relationships are very important. By the end of the year, she would also like to see DECA grow and succeed in a different way than it did in the past. Mastel not only loves how expressive the students are here, but she also loves Roller Derby. Her derby name, Groan Jet, will be her derby name for life. Her favorite quote is by Douglas Adams, I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I’ve needed to be.” Mastel loves teaching, and says that even if she won the lottery, after a year or so of traveling places such as Antarctica, Eastern Europe, Spain, South America, and South East Asia, she’d come right back and continue teaching students. “I wouldn’t just boogy.”

Elissa Mastel

Committed to teaching students beautiful music, Timothy Caskin is excited to teach one of the very diverse classes at Glenwood Springs High School. With a previous 12 years of experience in Instrumental Music, he now teaches 6 classes, Jazz Band, Percussion, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, and Digital Composition. Caskin’s first official gig was in 1997, where he and his band played a marching band before Marilyn Manson’s first televised Performance. “It’s on Youtube,” Caskin says with pride. He hopes the students meet their own personal goals, and that they grow as a musician. Caskin hopes for himself that he learns from the students, opening up new things he can use for the following year. If he ever won the lottery, Caskin would go hiking and camping all the time. However, he’s always ready to drop into one of his friends self owned restaurants, Red Herring, and get any of the delicious food they serve off of their menu.

Madison Hays is a native of Fort Collins and is happy to leave California, and  be back to her native roots of Colorado mountains. “Glenwood Springs was the perfect mountain town for me, so here I am,” she says. As a Scorpio, noticeable traits are strong willed and passionate, and Hays feels just that for her three math classes. As a first year teacher, she hopes to make it to the end of the year, and come out with loads of ideas and new ways to bring those ideas into the next year; along with being an advocate for the students and for them to feel supported and valued. Winning the lottery would do nothing to stop her from teaching, but once she got older, Hays says, she would travel and end up in Africa, opening a school for children. With her favorite saying being, “ I want to live on less so that others can live on more,” her compassion shines. Her last meal would be her mom’s homemade Chicken Enchiladas, and to top it off, and Argentinian dessert of Chocotorta.

Madison Hays

Sara Tymczyszyn is committed to student success inside of the classroom and out. As a first year teacher in a public school setting as an English and Literary teacher, she is hoping to instill communcation skills and efficency in her students. For the last 8 years, she has been living is Massachusetts on a small vegetable farm. Before that, she lived in Utah and Indiana. She loves vegetable gardening so much that if she won the lottery, she and her husband, Bud, would, “start my own small vegetable farm and Bud would start a restaurant.” She would also take time to travel the world, mountain bike, raft and snowboard. Her goals for this year are to take risks, teach lessons efficently, and create a sfae place for her students to learn. She hopes her students understand the value of hard work. For her last meal, she would have Homemade Chicken Tikka Masala.