Artist To Watch: Curtis Madden

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Artist To Watch: Curtis Madden

Leonardo Anchondo

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    It is not everyday that a student artist really knows how to stand out, but Glenwood Springs High School’s (GSHS) Sophomore Curtis Madden finds ways to make his name stand out  around the school and the valley.

   Madden began performing plays such as The Wizard of Oz during his 6th grade year and has since become one of the most prominent all-around performers at GSHS.

    “He’s very expressive, very fun, separate, and he doesn’t follow acting norms,” said Sophomore Molly Hancock.

    At this year’s talent show, Madden blew audiences away with his adapted performance of Bo Burnham’s Lower Your Expectations, which received a lot of laughs from the audience.

   His recent performance showed the GSHS crowd just how well Madden is able to perform as, he came away with first place.

     “Curtis is never stressed before an act, or at least never shows it,” said Hancock.    

    Madden’s most recent performance at GSHS was a hit with many, as many students left Jeannie Miller theater still talking about his performance hours after it had ended.

    “I wasn’t shocked he won, I saw it coming; he really just chose a song that worked for him,” said Hancock.

    “I just really love to make people laugh; I like to think I’m a people person,” said Madden.

    Madden has been involved in several art programs at GSHS, such as band, and has even started the Percussion Ensemble Club which meets after school. The Percussion Ensemble Club performs using instruments that require no vibration of air such as the Timpani, Xylophone, Cymbal, Tambourine and Musical Triangles.

    Madden has enjoyed his time performing for GSHS, and at other places such as the Glenwood Springs Caverns, never shying away from any audience, big or small.

    Regarding coping with pressure, Madden said, “I have been doing shows for a while now. I’ve been nervous to an extent, but what I find helpful at times is just spinning in circles”.  

    His 5th year instructor, GSHS Band Director Tami Suby has seen lots of leadership and dedication from the work that Madden does. “He loves to perform in front of an audience,” said Suby.

    Madden sees a future in art and is inspired by great movie directors such as Quentin Tarantino. “I hope art is in my future; I plan to move to Hollywood after college, and direct or produce movies,” said Madden.

    Regarding Madden’s future, Suby said “I think music and theater will always be part of his life.”

         Madden’s talent and success have left a big impact on everyone that has met him. His leadership has stood out to many people including his peers and adults.

    “I’ll be leaving next year, but I’m excited to see how Curtis will continue to do as a leader,” said Suby.

    Madden will continue to perform when the opportunity strikes, although he doesn’t think he’ll continue to pursue competitive performances. Moving forward however, Madden has many more ideas for the future.

    When offering advice to other performers, Madden said, “To anyone else who’s feeling like you can’t do it, you can, just force yourself and you’ll do it.”