Low PRI Rankings forces Western Slope teams to cancel sports.

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Low PRI Rankings forces Western Slope teams to cancel sports.

Leonardo Anchondo

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After multiple years of secretly considering eliminating every Western Slope team from competing in every sport, CHSAA has finally let loose, and plans to quickly eliminate every team that resides in the mountain region once this year’s spring sports are finished.

    The official news came to light on March 30 at 7:37 PM. This will completely eliminate Glenwood, Rifle, Summit, Roaring Fork and other Western Slope Teams from competing at all next year and in the years to come.

    According to an inside report “CHSAA had been discussing this matter for a very long time.”

     Apparently the cause of this issues was because of the of how low the Western Slope Teams would finish in the RPI rankings, which determines how well a team stands by taking the teams record and league opponents into account.

    “Our final decision was made when we looked at the whole picture. Can a team like Glenwood Springs compete against a high caliber team like Pine Creek High School? Could Rifle beat Pine Creek, well…no… no they can’t.” said former Pine Creek Assistant principal and current CHSAA president Jim Lucas.

    With Western Slope teams out of the way, student athletes in the mountain regions now have the option to participate in club sports such as flag football, Ultimate frisbee, nordic skiing, and even Muggle Quidditch.

    Many angry parents and athletes from schools in the mountain region have joined together to form a rally called SaveTheWestPutCHSAAToRest. The rally caused a huge uproar throughout social media, even coming in as high as #2 on the world wide trending chart on twitter only behind the teenagers eating tide pods trend.

    A Rifle High School athlete weighed in on the matter saying “Those darn CHSAA folks up in Aurora think they can just do whatever it is they like, well let me be the first to say that they can kiss my a**!” he then proceeded to jump into his 1989 Ford Bronco and speed off.

    CHSAA released a statement after the heavy backlash they received stating “Our final decision will remain permanent, we are firm believers that sticking with our initial decision is the right way to go.” CHSAA then proceeded to pardon Cherry Creek High School’s baseball team for having two ineligible players participate in games after initially making them forfeit their wins.